The Container Store Saves the Day + My Food!

July 31, 2018

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The geek inside me has a tenancy to love and appreciate any and all organizational products, but when there are beautiful containers specifically for organizing the food in my fridge, game. over.  

I had no idea that properly storing your food can help it last longer.  Did you see my pantry makeover that I did earlier this year?  It was a night and day difference and I learned so much.  

Before project pantry commenced I did not know that using the right containers would save me so much space, I honestly thought I was already doing a good job.  When I discovered The Container Store has products for the good ole fridge, the foody loving girl inside me had to jump on another project and put their products to the test.

We are big on eating fresh and healthy foods in our household and need to get the most out of all of the produce we buy on the regular.  There is nothing more frustrating than spending money on new berries, or lettuce to have them turn moldy or wilt just a few days later.  Ugh.  You can relate, right?

The good news is… The Container Store wins again!  Not only do they have all the amazing things to make your little organizing heart really skip a beat, but they also offer a ton of products that not only store your food beautifully but they are designed to keep it fresh longer.   

I found these OXO greensaver Produce Keepers have kept our produce nice and crisp, plus I love the design of the actual container!  Another item that has been great to keep in my produce drawers are these OXO greensaver Round Crisper Inserts  as they help absorb the ethylene gas that fruits and vegetables naturally release, keeping them fresher, longer.  Using these 2 products has helped our produce last so much longer which has saved us money and we’ve been able to cut back on waste.  

I have also enjoyed using their OXO Smart Seal Glass Food Storage Set.  Not only are these stackable and help save on space in the fridge, but they make reheating meals and food so easy.  They are made from shatter resistant glass and can go from my freezer straight into the oven without needing to thaw first.  I love that I don’t have to worry about changing or dirtying more dishes… talk about convenient!

I am so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with The Container Store on this project.  If you are like me and love fresh food I am happy to put my stamp of approval on their products.

Happy organizing friends!  





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I'm Ashley Reeves!

I'm a body positive mother, entrepreneur and speaker who has spent the last decade building better body love and empowering others to do the same.

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