Enjoy SUMMER & Push Your Insecurities Aside!

Aug 7

Rocking a maternity suit even though my baby is almost 3 and still feeling SO HAPPY! 


Because it has taken years of effort to get here!

I don’t get a pit in my stomach every time a pool invite is extended. 

I still have a little insecurity each time I take off my swim cover and head toward the water… but I push myself each time to embrace my body and enjoy my family and our summer together because it’s worth it!

Today I watched my cautious (not sure where he gets that from lol) 10 year old FINALLY jump off the diving board and he was BEAMING and looked so proud of himself.  He’s been trying for years to get that courage!  I cried.  TO think he could have missed that if MY insecurity kept us home tonight because I didn’t like the ways my thighs look in a swimsuit.

Think of what you’ve missed out on while caring or worrying about the insignificant stuff and KNOCK IT OFF!  There’s some tough love for you, because you might need it.

Literally, the people you love most in your life are the more important than your cellulite or love handles!  

Our summers have been a blast since I decided to change my focus and move past my self doubt!  

Don’t let your insecurities rob you of the life you deserve!  ♡♡♡

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