March 1, 2018

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WHO’S READY for the greatest pantry reveal of my life!? I am going to make you wait a second and see my pantry BEFORE …

You know whats CRAZY!? I thought my pantry was as organized as it could be! See, I had shoe boxes 🙂  I blamed the clutter on the small space and lack of room to spread out and I WAS SO WRONG. Its laughable. 

I had actually hired a handy man to come out and price a new shelf system in my kitchen to get more storage, but I was hesitant because it was going to take the space down in our dining room and I didn’t want to lose that space!

Then the heavens opened up when Tracey of Organize With Tracey (a certified Contained Home Organizer) reached out to me and offered to help! The Container Store organizers come to your home, and help you get everything organized efficiently (the cost for this is $75 an hour).

She went through my whole pantry and brought it back to life, a new amazing beautiful organized functional life with THE MOST beautiful organization products from The Container Store. They are having their Annual Kitchen Sale through April 1 where hundreds of select kitchen items are 25% off! 

Here are a few PRO TIPS Tracey taught me!

EVERYTHING comes out of their boxes. So much space was being wasted in cardboard boxes half full – we were buying stuff we had doubles of already that we couldn’t see and we wouldn’t know when we ran out of something. When you can see everything you can better assess what you need!

TEXTURES MATTER! I thought simple organization tools would be fine, but turns out they can be beautiful too. 

SHELF IN SECTIONS We now have a baking shelf, a breakfast shelf, a dinner shelf, and a canned foods shelf!

Are you ready to see the gorgeous reveal?


Can you believe it!? I was FLOORED with how much breathing space there was. I opened the door and could see everything! I was worried my kids would destroy it but they actually have done so well because they know where everything goes and they put stuff right where they can see it belongs. To think I almost spent $2,000 building extra shelves when all I needed was to get organized!

The products we used are linked HERE! You need to check out the AMAZING deals going on right now 25% off!!

Mega Expand-A-Shelf – Larger tiered shelving made for cans 
Large Hogla Storage Bins with Handles- on the floor in your pantry
Water Hyacinth Storage Bins with Handles- Baskets on pantry shelves

I was so happy to have this Pantry Organization project sponsored by The Container Store. They provided the product and services.


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  1. Becky says:

    I saw this on Instagram and had to come right over to get a better look. I have a pantry just like this (well, like the “before picture). I always knew it could be great, but it has been so hard to find realistic inspiration photos. Huge, walk-in pantries are gorgeous, but, really, how hard can it be to organize when you have so much space?! THIS is what I needed to see! Thank you so much for sharing this — now I am excited to get started on a pantry makeover!

  2. Kristine says:

    Love this!! I need this door organizer RIGHT NOW!!

    I think you linked a different one than you have pictured though, this is the one I believe you have:


I'm Ashley Reeves!

I'm a body positive mother, entrepreneur and speaker who has spent the last decade building better body love and empowering others to do the same.

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