Pain Free Elastic Removal with The Pony Pick!

Jul 29

Over the last (almost) 3 years, I have waited patiently to finally be able to style my little girls hair.  

Having a child go from basically being bald for the first year of her life TO hair twirling – which if you don’t know can cause severe breakage and damage to hair – has made me overly protective of her precious little locks that are fine-ally coming in.  

I have been so reluctant to put any elastics or hair ties in her hair because I didn’t want to risk causing any further damage during the traditionally painful removal process that most of us have probably experienced at some point in our lives.   

When I heard about The Pony Pick  and read through some of their customer testimonials – I was hooked before I even tried it! 

After my pack of picks arrived I jumped right in!  It felt like I had waited a lifetime to finally pull Mabel’s hair back into a cute little ponytail! 

As you can see in my video, removing the elastics from her hair is not only pain free, but I know I can remove them  without breaking her hair.  

I love how easy they are to use.  I love that I can remove those cute little elastics with ZERO tears!  

I love that they come in a 3 Pack!  THREE!  This makes my life so much easier as we are a busy on-the-go family!  

I love supporting family owned and operated businesses.   Lauren, the owner, designed The Pony Pick because she too is a mom and felt the call to solve a very common problem.  

I know that if you are a mom to girls or use elastics in your own hair, you will love having a Pony Pick in your life!  Use code FRESHFIX to get FREE SHIPPING on your order! 

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  1. Lindsay says:

    How did you get her to stop twirling her hair? I have a 2 1/2 year old that pulls her hair out on one side of her head. ????

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