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December 15, 2012

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Do you do anything in particular for exercise? No, the first time I did it I didn’t even exercise and lost ten pounds, the last two times I have kept doing my regular work out (running & weightlifting) and I have had similar results. I would say just keep doing what you are doing. The calorie value is lower, so you might feel a little weaker than normal and an intense workout might not work.


Any idea if there’s an alternative to the tomatoes?  I have never tried a tomato alternate, so I am not sure! My friend who hated tomatoes just salted them and said it was easier to stomach 🙂


Also, do you use spices, oils etc to season your food? YES! I usually put salt on all my veggies, but dont overdue it since salt makes you retain water. I do use a little bit of evoo when I am cooking stir fries, and I usually go buy a costco rotisserie chicken for the chicken days- and those are marinated & flavored alot and it still works! So yes, flavor with anything that isn’t creamy.


So are the foods you have listed for each day the only thing you can eat all day?  Yes, you can only eat the foods listed- but the quantities are UNLIMITED!


Can you use spices or things like Balsamic Vinegar? Like I said above, yes to the spices. Balsamic Vinegar I would think would be fine, I haven’t tried it but since the calories are so low- I think that would be great.


On turkey and chicken days, does it matter what type (lunch meat, breast, dark meat, white mean) it is? I usually will go buy a rotisserie chicken and use the meat over the 2 days, which is a mix of light & dark meat. I would say no to lunch meat, but you can if you need to! It generally is really processed.


I love bananas so I don’t think day 4 will be too bad, but is that ALL you eat that day?  You eat bananas and you can either drink milk, or have Weight Watchers Yogurt. Try really hard to eat them, the nutrients in them your body will need after 3 days of fruits & veggies exclusively.


Is coffee out? 🙂 I stick with water and crystal light (artificially flavored water) You could try coffee and see how it affects your results- but I think its best to not to drink it.


I had a question about day 4. I am doing the yogurt option instead of milk. Do you have to use weight watchers yogurt or could you use regular yoplait light yogurt? Weight watchers is a MUCH better option. It is basically artifically flavored skim milk- if you look at the nutrition facts in a light yoplait – it has significantly more sugar, carbs, and calories.


Is it essential that I do day 7? Nothing on the diet is essential- but the closer you stick to it the more weight you will lose. My sister despises the soup- so she just does another day 6, chicken & veggies. Good luck!


Any vegetarian suggestions for the chicken days? I know the protein is essential that day, so I would go with any other protein that is low in fat, maybe tofu? Please let me know what you try and what your results are at the end of the week so I can add that in for other vegetarians!


So can we continue to do it week after week with the same results? Or should be take a break in between? YES! You can do it for several weeks. My dad did it for 9 weeks I believe and lost LOTS!


By losing the 10 pounds in 7 days did you lose inches or a dress size?  Yes, I lost 10 pounds and one dress size in one week.


So I can’t find weight watchers yogurt in AZ…. any other alternatives, besides skim milk? I really don’t like regular (cow) milk but if almond milk worked I could do that. Anyone know? You need calcium and low sugar in this day. Almond milk has really low sugar, I would try that! I also saw someone try plain greek yogurt with stevia. Like I said, the results are only guaranteed by sticking to the plan- but I am sure you could try a few other options and get similar results.


I feel like I have to keep eating constantly because I’m really hungry (not to mention the headache is pretty rough.) Normal? Yes, you can still feel hungry, that’s what dieting is sadly! But eat as much as you want to feel full. I haven’t heard about others getting headaches, try some tylenol?


On veggie day can I have spaghetti squash? Carrots? Tomato sauce? Yes to all three! I love to make spaghetto squash on veggie day for dinner, I blend tomatoes and garlic salt in the blender for the sauce.


What about alcohol, specifically red wine? Any advice? Skip it., its just a week you can do it!


What about eggs or egg whites for the fowl and veggie days? I am assuming we need the protein for those days. Egg whites are a great idea for lean protein, try it out and let us know how it goes!


Could you rotate some of the days? Like, move the banana/milk day to day 3 and move day 3 to day 4? Or would that mess everything up? No, you need to do the days in order, the first three act as a cleanse- the following are recovery getting your body the nutrients it missed out on and needs from the first 3 days.


Can the fruit and veggies be frozen fruits? Yes they can be frozen- but not canned. Fresh is best though!


What have you had for day 2 veggie breakfast?  I usually have 2 cucumbers, they are the only thing light enough in the morning. I salt them a little too. I am thinking about posting a meal plan here … stay tuned


My only question is if I do this diet for a couple of weeks in a row will I lose 10 pounds each week or is there a plateau my body will reach?  You will get the ten pounds the first week, and about 5 each following week. Its different for each person, but you will continue to lose weight if you continue to do it.


What about Avocados for the veggies day? Or is it too high in calories?  I have 1 avacado on veggie day because I LOVE them, but yes the have more calories so I wouldn’t eat more than one.


What about tea? Specifically green tea?  Water is the best option, but you can try green tea- I have not tried to so I am not sure what the results will be. If it is zero calories you should be ok


Is it okay to use a sweet potato instead of a white potato? Sweet potatoes are a great option! Go for it!


Can u work out while doing this diet? It doesn’t seem like you’re taking in enough calories to be doing cardio, etc? Yes you can, keep doing what you are are doing and you should be ok. If you start to feel weak, then stop- but I have been fine working out while doing the diet.


Ugh! I so want to do this, but I assume it is not a smart idea while I am breastfeeding. I am trying to weene my daughter anyway. I wonder what kind of milk supply I would keep through this. Anyone ever tried? I would not do this while breastfeeding, there is not enough calories. After you are done, its a great way to lose the weight quick!


Things like avocados, peas, tomatoes, show up on both sides of that list. What source did you use to come up with your lists of fruits and veggies?  Tomatoes ONLY on tomato day. Peas and sweet potatos are starchy- so I would avoid them but you can technically eat them, but for better results avoid them. The list is just what we got from the doctor!


On day 2, are you having sweet potatoes plus a baked white potato – or just one type of potato only. I would only do the sweet potato, not both.


Can I drink seltzer? I’m assuming yes but don’t like to assume bc I wanna do this right! No, just stick with water- and crystal light (artifically flavored water!) Seltzer has sodium, and thats no good!


I like to make sausage and peppers with turkey sausage. Is that ok to eat on day 6? Just turkey sausage, onions, peppers, evoo and a little salt n pepper. If its mostly turkey, I think you will be ok- generally those premade sausages have other ingredients- check and see whats in them!


 If im doing the weight watchers yogurt instead of milk how much should i eat? I will usually eat 6 yogurts.


I plan to substitute low sodium canned tomato soup for the tomatoes. I always say the fresher the better, so I cant guarantee the same results with canned soup.


Would it be alright to use chobani greek yogurt on day 4? I am not familiar with chobani, but if it has low sugar, and high calcium its probably a safe substitute.


I know day 6 says eat your hearts desire of chicken and turkey but is day 5 the same? Can I really eat as much fowl as I want to? Or should I have a limit.  No limit on either day.


And on banana day should I be trying to eat all 8 bananas? I know you said somewhere that u don’t have to eat them all but there is probably an amount u should eat right? I would say at least 4. But the closer you stick to the plan, the better.

Is anyone else not having as much success as they hoped? I lost all my weight after Day 1, and the scaled hasn’t moved since even though I’ve followed the diet pretty strictly. I’m starting Day 6 and am getting pretty discouraged. Any tips for people who can’t get the scale to budge? I would love to email you! Will you contact me? I want to know how the week ended for you. This diet works for everyone I know that has tried it, but I am sure that some peoples bodies don’t react well. Please email me KARA! I can’t find your contact info


I’m not an EXTREMELY overweight person so I know I don’t have as much to lose as some people. Overall i think this diet is great. HARD, but good! I’m going to start doing weight watchers when I’m done with this so I don’t gain the weight back. If you are already at a healthy/low weight you might not lose the total ten. But think in the mind set that this diet will cleanse your body and really help jump start your digestive system!


Would fish be an acceptable substitution for chicken? Yes fish is a FABULOUS sub for chicken!


Is Vegetable stock okay on vegetable days? Try to keep your sodium low, but that could work!


I was curious. I’m sensitive to dairy products so how would lactose free yoplait yogurt do? Or Silk Lactose free milk? HELP!! If any of those options have high calcium and low sugar, they would work!


Anyone have suggestions for a banana substitution? I cannot have bananas and am on day 2 of the diet. I really want to stick with it. Maybe a different high potassium fruit? I dont have any suggestions, you need to stick as close to the diet as possible, and I dont know another fruit that has the ‘recovery’ effect with all the potassium required.


I’m highly allergic to bananas. I’m also allergic to melons, but day 1 is okay since I can have other things. Any good fruit substitute for bananas? See above. I dont know of a banana substitute.


Are nuts (almonds) ok for fowl day as a substitute protein. I don’t really like meat at all and am trying to find some substitutes for that. Feel free to try! But results are more likely to be achieved by sticking to the plan with absoluteness.


Okay, I’m not at all convinced that this is healthy. Losing seven pounds in a week? Doesn’t sound healthy at all. It is doctor recommended and these are all healthy foods in unlimited quantity, I guarantee its healther eating then what most americans are eating on any given day.


Is there a vegetarian version of this? I was planning on cleansing next week and this looks great other than the fowl days. Eggs? Nuts? Meat substitutes? I don’t want to choose something that makes it unsuccessful. Thanks! I am not aware of a vegetarian version.


You said it’s best not to drink coffee.. is that because of the caffiene or because of the sugar? I really love drinking coffee and don’t know if I can give it up for the diet… (I drink instant coffee with one sweet and low and non fat milk) so I’m wondering if I can switch to decaf for the week – or if I really need to give it up for the diet to be successful. The caffiene AND sugar are bad for you, and no- you will not get as good of results if you drink coffee. Sorry! This diet isnt easy


Is it okay to take my regular vitamins during this time? I’mt thinking “yes” but wanted your opinion. Thanks! YES ! Please take vitamins, they are always good for you= and recommended.


What about nuts for the fruit day? JUST FRUIT on the fruit day, no nuts at all during this week.


On day two & day six is it okay to eat raddishes ? or are they a starchy veggie? I think they would be fine.


 So the soup…is not my favorite and there is A LOT of it. Do you finish the whole thing all by yourself? Any suggestions what to do with leftovers? I have saved it for a week and it still saves nicely 🙂 I dont offer it to people, because its nothing to brag about 🙂


Do you only eat bananas and milk/yogurt on day 4 or do you eat other fruits too? 🙂 Just bananas and WEIGHT WATCHERS yogurt or milk.


I really really hate bananas, is there a different fruit I can exchange for the Banana and milk day? I dont have an exchange, the closer you follow the diet- the better the results.


Do you have any before/after pics to share of your results? Thanks! No, but thats a really good idea! Anyone have any they’d like to send in?


Hi, I was looking over your diet plan and also went on the website “” and in their version you have to eat “wonder Soup” pretty much everyday, not just the last day. When you did your diet you only ate the soup on that last one right?  Yes, Originally I only did a soup day at the end, but I recently tried it with the soup everyday and it made my hunger much more manageable and I felt more full, so I would recommend doing the soup daily.


I feel like you would gain the weight back as soon as you stopped the diet? is this true? how do you maintain the weight loss? If you go back to unhealthy eating, you will most likely gain it back. I kept it off by sticking to a clean diet- I didn’t eat any white flour or sugar or fried food.

Should you eat the basic 3 meals a day or 6 small ones? What do you go by? On this diet I probably eat ten time a day, its like constant snacking on whatever is allowed to eat that day.

Ashley, what medical reason are the tomatos there for? Is it just a water saturated fruit? Can I substitute watermelon, or cantaloup?  I am not sure, I am not the doctor- I just know its required for the results!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Hi! I would assume that it would be okay to make an all fruit or all veggie smoothie on those specific days if made with water right? Thank you!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I have lost 8 lbs so far on Day 7. I just cooked the soup. There is a little difficult to find the Beefy Onion soup Lipton here in the area I went three major food stores yesterday. I found one last part. I added the Lipton Onion soup secret recipe package. Is it ok with this soup recipe that you suggested. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t suppose to drink a (6oz.) cup of only black brewed coffee with NO sugar and milk. Although, I drank one cup each day and still lost 8 lbs. not bad. If I don’t drink coffee at all, maybe I would lose an extra pound(s)?


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