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‘Eat Your Heart Out’ Diet… aka Satan Diet

March 29, 2012

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Here it is, for all of you who have been asking for it..

The Eat Your Heart Out Diet! aka Satan Diet

graphic design by: ROSECOURTROSE

I do the ‘Eat Your Heart Out Diet’ a couple times a year – I lovingly call it the Satan Diet, because its strict and takes an insane amount of self discipline. The original version of this diet was given to us through Fernandez Chiropractic Offices in Palo Alto, California- we have modified it as follows…

My sister, the amazingly talented graphic designer– created this fabulous chart for you to print if you’d like to follow the diet.


This is a modified version of a diet we were given by a doctor- its very healthy and very effective. I do this diet once every few months- The reason I like this diet is its only 7 DAYS! Some people can do it on repeat for several weeks, I prefer just a week. It is a tough week, but I PROMISE IT WORKS. Every time I have followed it, I lose ten pounds during the week, and it stays off if you keep eating a healthy balanced diet. You get all the nutrients you need throughout the week, just spread out in different days. The secret of this diet is that the food eaten takes more calories to burn, than it gives the body- so you can actually eat as much as you want. I just repeatedly tell myself, “This is something I can control.” That’s my empowering phrase, SO much in life and things that happen to our bodies we can’t control- but I can control my eating. My biggest tip is drink LOTS of crystal light! Its calorie free, fills you up and satisfies that sweet tooth craving. ……and just remember…

nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels

Let me know if you plan to do it! I will be your cheerleader.
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  1. Bre says:

    wow….I REALLY WANNA DO THIS…but I'd have to like live in your house and have you put a chain around the pantry! hahaha.

  2. Jess says:

    I could do day 5 for the rest of my life. Tomatoes are my #1 all time favourite food.

  3. Sarah says:

    do you do anything in particular for exercise?

  4. not sure i could do this as written. weight watchers yogurt prolly has artificial sweeteners (same as crystal lite) so i'd have to switch it up a bit. we'll see, it's pretty tempting, ten lbs in one week!! woah!

  5. :: ashley :: says:

    @Sarah I didn't modify my workout at all – the first time I didn't even work out and still lost the weight- this time I am running and weightlifting 3 days a week.

  6. I was just blog stalking but I had to stop and read this post (you had me at "Eat your heart out", haha).
    I've heard variations of this diet before, but they all seemed crazier than the rules you've set out here. I think I could definitely handle this for a week (though I'd be sad to say bye to my nightly bowl of ice cream).
    Maybe I'll give this a go to kick off my "get into bikini shape" workout and health routine.
    Thanks for the tip!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  7. You're doing it a second week? I love you but you're crazy!! Besides you already seem crazy healthy to me.

    Is there an all you can eat "cereal & tootsie roll" diet? If so, I'm rockin' that one.

  8. Hello*Pretty says:

    Hmm.. I'm always down to try a new diet. Any idea if there's an alternative to the tomatoes? (I'm not a fan) Also, do you use spices, oils etc to season your food?

  9. Jen says:

    OK Ash, the retard in me is a little confused. So are the foods you have listed for each day the only thing you can eat all day? And can you use spices or things like Balsamic Vinegar? And on Turkey and chicken days, does it matter what type (lunch meat, breast, dark meat, white mean) it is? I'm sure I have more questions, but I can't think of them now.

  10. Unknown says:

    I absolutely hate bananas do you have any suggestions for day 4 or possible alternatives?

  11. Hello*Pretty says:

    Thanks for the additional info! The b/f and I are starting this tomorrow. Is coffee out? 😉 Assuming it is.

  12. HeyReneeJ says:

    My boyfriend and I started this today! Its lunch time and all we've had is FRUIT FRUIT FRUIT! Haha, but its going well so far! It is a little difficult though because we live on a college campus and we usually are stuck to eating what is offered. I'm hoping they'll have chicken on the day we need it! I have a few questions: I love bananas so I don't think day 4 will be too bad, but is that ALL you eat that day? Bananas and milk? It just doesn't seem like much. Also, IS coffee out? 🙂 I figured it is…but I just thought I'd make sure!

  13. Amanda Oakes says:

    I am currently doing this. I am only on day 1, but I had a question about day 4. I am doing the yogurt option instead of milk. Do you have to use weight watchers yogurt or could you use regular yoplait light yogurt? Thanks!

  14. Aubrey says:

    Thank you, thank you! This is easy and totally doable. Thank you! Now… I've gotta see if the hubby will do it with me!


  15. Hello*Pretty says:

    Hey Ashley.. How's week 2 going for you? I am on day 4. So far, I've lost a pound each day. Would love to hear how everyone else is doing. Since it's the skim milk (yogurt) day, I did break down and have some coffee w/ a little skim & stevia. I've just been getting the worst headaches, I couldn't help myself. 🙂 Hope all is well!

  16. Is it essential that I do day 7? I'm going to be traveling that day, and I don't think TSA will allow me to bring soup onto the planes, even if it is for a great cause. If I do need that soup, do you have any suggestions as to another day I could possibly skip out on?

  17. Jeffrey says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Amanda Oakes says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I am amazed how how easy this has been. I am on day 4 and have lost a pound per day so far! If I lose 7lbs for the week I will be beyond thrilled. This is the best diet I have seen by far. I love it because I am not hungry, and I feel healthy! I have tried everything to lose weight and this is the only things that has really helped me! So thank you! Cheesy—-but this changed my life! 🙂

    Oh and sorry, The comment above is from my hubby's account so I deleted it and posted it under my name! 🙂

  19. kristin says:

    Any vegetarian suggestions for the chicken days?

  20. Dawnia says:

    I'm so excited! I have my whole family starting this on Friday.
    So can we continue to do it week after week with the same results? Or should be take a break in between?

  21. Great plan!! I'm going to start on this tomorrow and am so excited to see the results! By losing the 10 pounds in 7 days did you lose inches or a dress size? I really want to lose some inches around my chest and midsection for a dress i want to wear in two weeks. It's a little too tight (maybe 3-4 inches on my bust). Thanks for posting!

  22. I am so going to do this! There is nothing on this diet that I won't eat! Thank you so much for sharing.

  23. So I can't find weight watchers yogurt in AZ…. any other alternatives, besides skim milk? I really don't like regular (cow) milk but if almond milk worked I could do that. Anyone know?

  24. Try light vanilla soy or light chocolate soy. They are both creamy, delicious and better for you the cows milk. I rarely drink cows milk, I prefer the soy. Good luck.

  25. Dawnia says:

    What about plain Greek yogurt? And adding stevia in it?

  26. Thank you, Amish Structures and Dawnia!! Good tips! I think I'll get the light chocolate soy since that sounds yummy and easy to drink! Are either of you doing this diet? I'm going on day 4 (bananas and milk) tomorrow…. lost 2 pounds as of this morning.

  27. Hi, I am on day one and I have to say (though I love fruit a LOT) I underestimated how much to buy – I feel like I have to keep eating constantly because I'm really hungry (not to mention the headache is pretty rough.) Normal?
    Second question – on veggie day can I have spaghetti squash? Carrots? Tomato sauce?
    I'm so excited for this, I just want to make sure I'm doing it right! 🙂

  28. scyjs says:

    What about alcohol, specifically red wine? Any advice?

  29. found this diet on pinterest adn trying it this week. Wish us luck!! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  30. Meboehm says:

    What about eggs or egg whites for the fowl and veggie days? I am assuming we need the protein for those days.

  31. Rach says:

    Could you rotate some of the days? Like, move the banana/milk day to day 3 and move day 3 to day 4? Or would that mess everything up? Thanks!

  32. Shianne says:

    Can the fruit and veggies be frozen fruits?

  33. Denise says:

    what have you had for day 2 veggie breakfast?

  34. Jennifer W says:

    I am starting this diet to day & I am very excited about it. In the last 30 days I have lost 20 pounds by doing other things but if I could do this diet for a few weeks & lose 10 pounds a week I would easily reach my weight loss goal. My only question is if I do this diet for a couple of weeks in a row will I lose 10 pounds each week or is there a plateau my body will reach? Thank you so much!!

  35. for the veggie days, can we have avocados?

  36. Kels says:

    On chicken and tomato day, do the tomatoes have to be fresh or can you dice them and toss them in a skillet with some seasoning to make a sauce for the chicken as long as you eat the amount required?

  37. Sammya5555 says:

    What about Avocados for the veggies day? Or is it too high in calories?

  38. Sammya5555 says:

    Thanks! One more question…I know you said no coffee but what about tea? Specifically green tea? Excited to start tomorrow 🙂

  39. I'm thinking about doing this starting on Saturday, but I guess I'm a little stuck on different ways to to cook some of the food….I'm not a huge fan of tomatoes so I'm a little worried about that day as well. If you have any ideas on how to make some good meals with them I'm all game for the help! Thank you for your help! This is just want I'm looking for….I've lost about 60 lbs in a year, but I've gained some of it back and I feel like I need to cleanse my body out!

  40. Monica says:

    is it okay to use a sweet potato instead of a white potato? i like to bake them and eat them plain.

  41. kquinn121 says:

    Can u work out while doing this diet? It doesn't seem like you're taking in enough calories to be doing cardio, etc? Please let me know what you think. I'm very interested in trying this but I've been pretty regimented with the gym (spinning, elliptical, treadmill, weight training)

  42. scyjs says:

    Thank you for answering all of these questions and making this so accessible. I am actually having so much fun challenging myself thus far! You're wonderful! 🙂

  43. RafnJen says:

    Ugh! I so want to do this, but I assume it is not a smart idea while I am breastfeeding. I am trying to weene my daughter anyway. I wonder what kind of milk supply I would keep through this. Anyone ever tried?

  44. TK says:

    I am so sick of fruit and veggies I want to puke. I am on the second day and it is not easy. I have the worst headache which is weird because I never drink coffee or pop but I must be having a withdrawl from something. Hopefully the rest of the week goes a little easier.

  45. Leslie says:

    What about having a sweet potato instead of the baked potato?

  46. Emma says:

    There are a ton of different opinions about what are fruits and veggies… Things like avocados, peas, tomatoes, show up on both sides of that list. What source did you use to come up with your lists of fruits and veggies?
    On day 2, are you having sweet potatoes plus a baked white potato – or just one type of potato only.


  47. Laura says:

    Thanks Ashley! A group of friends and I did this last week and it really worked! I feel so great! I am taking a week off and then will try it again. Thank you for sharing this great diet for free and taking the time to answer all of the questions – they were quite helpful. (I don't even know you, but you are my new best friend! Thanks again!)

  48. Barbara says:

    Someone tell me how to print this diet? Not computer literate.

  49. :: ashley :: says:


  50. Ok so can you do Soy Milk??? Instead of the regular milk… Milk and my tummy = not so good…. My tummy and soy milk = happy Michelle

    Thank you, Michelle

  51. Jennifer W says:

    I am currently on day 3 now & have lost 4 pounds so far but I will admit day 2 was hard…. I really like veggies but I guess not enough to live on them & them alone for 24 hours but I fought through. Thank you again for sharing this diet!

  52. Rachel says:

    This same diet is on – the soup is a little different though, no prepackaged soup mix. (I assume that is full of salt and bad for water retention)

  53. kquinn121 says:

    I just started this detox today. So far so good! I have two more questions though.
    1) can I drink seltzer? I'm assuming yes but don't like to assume bc I wanna do this right!
    2) I like to make sausage and peppers with turkey sausage. Is that ok to eat on day 6? Just turkey sausage, onions, peppers, evoo and a little salt n pepper.

    Thanks soo much for getting back to us so quickly. I'm not doing this with anyone so it's nice to have someone to ask questions to.

  54. christa says:

    for day 4 if im doing the weight watchers yogurt instead of milk how much should i eat? thanks in advance!

  55. Jen says:

    My husband and I are starting the diet next week and I plan to substitute low sodium canned tomato soup for the tomatoes, however, he insists this won't work. Please comment. Thank you!

  56. would it be alright to use chobani greek yogurt on day 4?

  57. kquinn121 says:

    I know day 6 says eat your hearts desire of chicken and turkey but is day 5 the same? Can I really eat as much fowl as I want to? Or should I have a limit.

    And on banana day should I be trying to eat all 8 bananas? I know you said somewhere that u don't have to eat them all but there is probably an amount u should eat right?

  58. Kara says:

    Is anyone else not having as much success as they hoped? I lost all my weight after Day 1, and the scaled hasn't moved since even though I've followed the diet pretty strictly. I'm starting Day 6 and am getting pretty discouraged. Any tips for people who can't get the scale to budge?

  59. kquinn121 says:

    I'm on day 6 now and am down 6.4lbs. I was a little discouraged this am when I weighted myself because as of yesterday I was down 7lbs on day 5 (I gained .6 as of this morning) I'm still optimistic though because it's still 6.4lbs and 2 more "weigh ins". Hoping the miracle soup does miracles!! Also, I'm not an EXTREMELY overweight person so I know I don't have as much to lose as some people. Overall i think this diet is great. HARD, but good! I'm going to start doing weight watchers when I'm done with this so I don't gain the weight back.

  60. Jennifer W says:

    I finished day 7 yesterday & I lost 7 pounds total. But did not lose any weight after day 4. I feel like I pretty much starved. I was already losing a pound a day before I started this diet so I almost feel like I did it for nothing. I followed everything to the plan but did not lose anything further after day 4. On day 1 I lost 3 pounds.

  61. jengetsthin says:

    I am on day 7 and have lost 5 pounds. I was at a 6 pound loss, but somehow gained .8 pounds after the fowl & veggies day. So we'll see what my final weigh-in tomorrow morning brings!

  62. :: ashley :: says:

    ASHLEY HERE! I am sorry some of you aren't losing the total ten – but the smaller you are- its very natural not to lose much weight if you are already close to your bodys healthy weight. I wish you the best- I still think 7 pounds in a week is STELLAR!

  63. Shannon says:

    Would fish be an acceptable substitution for chicken?

  64. Melanie says:

    Is Vegetable stock okay on vegetable days?

  65. Brandalyn says:

    I was curious. I'm sensitive to dairy products so how would lactose free yoplait yogurt do? Or Silk Lactose free milk? HELP!!

  66. Brittany says:

    Anyone have suggestions for a banana substitution? I cannot have bananas and am on day 2 of the diet. I really want to stick with it. Maybe a different high potassium fruit?

  67. phtogrfer007 says:

    This seems really appealing, I love all the vegetable options, but I'm highly allergic to bananas. I'm also allergic to melons, but day 1 is okay since I can have other things. Any good fruit substitute for bananas?

  68. Melanie says:

    One more question: Are nuts (almonds) ok for fowl day as a substitute protein. I don't really like meat at all and am trying to find some substitues for that.

  69. I am at the end of day four and have never wanted a burger so bad in my life, but I have lost five pounds this week, and am looking forward to eating chicken tomorrow!!

  70. jillyfish says:

    Okay, I'm not at all convinced that this is healthy. Losing seven pounds in a week? Doesn't sound healthy at all.

  71. Is there a vegetarian version of this? I was planning on cleansing next week and this looks great other than the fowl days. Eggs? Nuts? Meat substitutes? I don't want to choose something that makes it unsuccessful. Thanks!

  72. Lisa says:

    I just left a long comment (accidently twice ) on your sister's blog. It was kind of long so I hate to re-type it now 🙂 But there was a problem when I first found this on Pinterest today…it was kind of weird. Then I just looked for the original source and found your blog…and your sister's (the designer of the diet poster) Thank you!

  73. wildcats02 says:

    You said it's best not to drink coffee.. is that because of the caffiene or because of the sugar? I really love drinking coffee and don't know if I can give it up for the diet… (I drink instant coffee with one sweet and low and non fat milk) so I'm wondering if I can switch to decaf for the week – or if I really need to give it up for the diet to be successful.

  74. OK – I'm good to go with this! Sounds like a pretty safe cleanse to me! Day one – very loose bowels because of nothing but fruit! Yikes!

    I've checked the FAQs and can't find the answer to this: Is it okay to take my regular vitamins during this time? I'mt thinking "yes" but wanted your opinion. Thanks!

  75. J.Brownstein says:

    What about nuts for the fruit day?

  76. on day two & day six is it okay to eat raddishes ? or are they a starchy veggie.?

  77. Hot Potato says:

    Im on the LAST DAY!!!! i haven't lost the 10 pounds but 5 is something 🙂 So the soup…is not my favorite and there is A LOT of it. Do you finish the whole thing all by yourself? Any suggestions what to do with leftovers?

  78. Annemette says:

    Do you only eat bananas and milk/yogurt on day 4 or do you eat other fruits too? 🙂

  79. Jenilee says:

    I really really hate bananas, is there a different fruit I can exchange for the Banana and milk day?

  80. Marissa says:

    Do you have any before/after pics to share of your results? Thanks!

  81. BreeErin4 says:

    Couple questions.

    – Did you ever put together a meal plan for this diet? I saw you mentioned one and would love to give it a try.

    – I am allergic to bananas, so can't eat them at all. What do you think would be a good substitute?

    Thanks so much for posting.

    – Bree

  82. Kelli says:

    I'm curious about a banana substitute also. Has anyone gotten an answer on this yet. I cannot eat bananas.

  83. malicem says:

    Hi, I was looking over your diet plan and also went on the website "" and in their version you have to eat "wonder Soup" pretty much everyday, not just the last day. When you did your diet you only ate the soup on that last one right? I just want to make sure I don't miss a step. Loosing weigh has been a struggle and I have recently found out why. I have PCOS and it makes things much more difficult. The doctor wanted me to start the Medifast diet, but to be honest, the diet plan looks awful.. mostly junk, soft serve and pancakes and things like that. I don't eat any of that now. I keep myself on a 1500 a day diet, no carbs. I have his a point where its just not working anymore, so any advice you could give would be great. I'd love to do this without medical intervention. Thanks!

  84. KimJoyFox says:

    I'm starting this diet on Monday and am really excited!!! I just finished a round of the HCG diet.

    For those that are dealing with headaches, I had the same effect the first week on HCG. I believe it's either caffeine, sugar, or a combination of them. Most people don't realize how addicting sugar is for our brains. During HCG I took medicine for the headaches, and I'm assuming that would work on this diet as well.

  85. I am going to try this tomorrow (May 14, 2012). I've gained a lot of weight since I turned 30 in November, moved in with the boyfriend, and started back to school. My goal is to lose 45lbs. I hope this can start jump my diet/lifestyle. I'm going to try it for 7 days first and may continue another 7 days after (20+ lbs total); depending on the experience and outcome. Wish me luck!!

  86. CLFord says:

    You said no to seltzer water because it has sodium…but you are salting your food? FYI…La Croix flavored sparkling water has no calories, no sugar or artificial sweeteners, and no sodium. I don't like sweet drinks so this stuff is perfect for me 🙂

  87. Ames says:

    I feel like you would gain the weight back as soon as you stopped the diet? is this true? how do you maintain the weight loss?

  88. Should you eat the basic 3 meals a day or 6 small ones? What do you go by?

  89. Mariana Y says:

    Should you eat the basic 3 meals a day or 6 small ones? What do you go by?

  90. ****** says:

    I just started this yesterday and it is hard…not because I hate fruit or vegetables but because it is hard to break habits…licking the spoon of peantbutter after making lunch for my kids, saying no to the goldfish my toddler wants to feed me, not licking my finger after getting icing on it from making cupcakes. The real test will come on "banana day"…I hate bananas…the only day I dread. Otherwise I love the "menu" and eating as much raw as possible is something we try to do anyway. My problem is all the extra carbs I take in from the kids. Such an eye opener. Not sure I will lose 10 lbs but even half will do and this "menu" is something we will incorporate for life. Have at least 2 days a week with just fruits or vegetables or a mix of both.

  91. Sarah.Brooke says:

    Hello*Pretty what did you end up doing for tomato day? I can't stomach tomatos and so I was wondering what other people substituted.

    Ashley, what medical reason are the tomatos there for? Is it just a water saturated fruit? Can I substitute watermelon, or cantaloup?

    I plan to do this this week, I have a party on Saturday and I could use a little weight off. 😉 Go hard girls!

  92. I did this alone about 3 weeks ago and lost 9 lbs. (And I had iced coffee on about 3 of the days with about 2 pumps of sugar free syrup and a splash of skim milk. Didn't seem to change my progress much). My hubby was motivated by my results and we started again this week. Today is only day 4, and so far, my hubby has lost 8 lbs and I'm down another 4 or so. (He's got a lot more to lose than me so it comes off quickly.) Last time I did this solo, I ended up putting on a 1/2 lb between 6 days and 7 (plus the soup is kinda gross to eat all day) so we are going to skip day 7 this time around and go straight into South Beach Phase 1. That will seem like a treat compared to the restrictions on this cleanse. 🙂 I'm a little surprised I gained a little, but I did a heavy workout on day 6 so maybe it was muscle? Don't know…. Anyways, I've had a lot of friends ask me about this cleanse and they have begun it themselves. Thank you for posting this. Love the quick results! It's motivating to start a longer-term healthy eating plan afterwards when you see results like this right off the start!

  93. MelissyMarie says:

    I'm doing this and I'm on day 4. I've already lost 4 1/2 pounds. I just have a question, were you able to keep the weight off after the diet pretty easily? I'm worried about gaining it back.

  94. emma says:

    Hi, Thanks for the tip on a great way to lose weight fast! I have been doing this detox with a friend.. this is our last day and I am already 11lb's down.. I have to add something PLEASE NOTE: The last day I was light headed and not feeling I could last on the soup alone, I went to the original source to see if it said anything and I'm afraid that you have adapted the plan too far. We ARE weak on the morning of the last day and need to up our blood sugars from fruit to give us energy! People please be sensible and listen to your body 🙂

  95. Erin says:

    I found a list of high-potassium fruits that could be used as banana substitutes!
    All it took was a quick Google search, people. Haha. Anyway, this looks intense, but I'd love to try it. I also hate bananas–do you think potassium is the only thing you're looking to regain from the banana day, or is there some other nutrient we should be taking into account too?

  96. emma says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. emma says:

    Wow! I lost a lot of weight in 7 days and learned some good eating habits too. Thanks again for sharing!

  98. I haven't read all of the comments but I did see that someone asked about a tomato substitute. I HATE tomatoes so I asked my nutritionist and he said to substitute them with clementines. I am starting on Friday so I will let you know how it goes!

  99. Question::

    What about smoothies?! Throwing in everything (especially on banana day) and just adding ice?!

  100. Brittany says:

    I am VERY allergic to bananas, and I read that fruits like pears and mangoes are good substitutes for bananas. Any thoughts?..

  101. Kathy M says:

    Are cherry tomatoes okay for tomato day?

    And since I've been seeing so many options for substitutions, is it okay to mix it up and have both the sub option and the original option for added variety? Like having both clementines AND tomatoes on tomato day, or fish AND chicken on chicken day? Thanks!

  102. Jennifer says:

    Can pickles be eaten on the fruit or vegetable day?

  103. Homemaker says:

    Your "miracle soup" sounds like weak borscht. Can real borscht be substituted? (Beets, meat broth, meat, carrots added in.)

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. Do you have to eat the soup all day? What do you do for the very last day, food wise?

  106. hi! today is day 1 for me 🙂 i just had a silly and small question – can i chew sugar free gum?

  107. **IMPORTANT**
    So I am finishing up day 2 ( so far so good!) I want to do this for 2 weeks straight. However, my birthday is in 9 days. Would it be okay or affect my diet if I skip day 7 and go straight back to day 1? That way, when my birthday comes, I'll be on day 5 and can have chicken as opposed to day 4 where I can only eat bananas and milk. Do you think that skipping day 7 and going back to day 1 will affect it in anyway?

  108. Alina says:

    I'm planning on starting this Monday (6/8). found this blog on pinterest. So I have 2 questions;

    1) when you ate the soup everyday did you still lose 10+ lbs?

    2) where did you lose your weight? I really wanna lose it in my tummy and legs but not so much my bosom or behind ;).

    I think my results should be similar to yours cause we are the same height. My goal this summer is to lose 20 so hopefully this will get me on my way! 🙂 Thanks!

  109. I can't stand bananas. Is there anything I could eat instead of the bananas?

  110. I'm starting this tomorrow! Wish me luck!!

  111. Is it okay to drink black coffee or green tea while on this?

  112. Hello,

    I was wondering if you had a "menu" of everything you can eat on each day. Im not one to figure out all the options for each day so if you had some sort of list that would be awesome! Let me know. My email is
    Christina : )

  113. Chiara says:

    I tried this diet last week: I LOVED day 1 to 3, and I lost about a pound a day up to day 4.
    Since I'm a vegetarian, and I presumed the important thing was having proteins, I ate light goat cheese twice on day 5. The day after I had gained 2 pounds!!!! Then, complete disaster occurred: my mother came to surprise me (we live very far away) and we had pizza, so I'm starting all over again now that she's gone.
    But I guess NO CHEESE/DAIRY is going to be the rule, right? I haven't seen such a Q/A so far…

  114. For veggie days, can we eat mushrooms or tofu?

  115. There are two "replacements" for bananas if anyone is interested: papaya and kiwi. Kiwis are actually higher in potassium and lower in sodium than bananas!

  116. This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. Unknown says:

    This diet sort of worked for me.
    I followed the diet exactly wit the exception of Day 7 – I couldn't stomach the soup so I did another Day 6 like is suggested in the FAQs. I lost 4 pounds after the first three days, and then one pound the rest of the week – so a total of 5 pounds. From Day 3 to Day 7 I felt lethargic, lost all my energy and was just miserable. I probably won't do this again, but I'm glad I finished it instead of quitting halfway through.

  118. Mariel says:

    Have you tried juicing the fruits or veggies instead of eating them? Or doing a combo of both? I find that I don't really like to "eat" anything in the morning and much prefer drinking my breakfast…

  119. Lil says:

    Hi Ashley!

    I notice a couple people asking about a banana substitute & you had written that we needed them for the calcium, carbs, and protein.

    I checked the nutrition of 1 banana vs. 1 cup of sliced kiwis. Even though the kiwis are a little lower in carbs, they are higher in Calcium and Protein. So maybe this could be a good substitute? Just a suggestion.

    Calcium: 6.8 mg
    Protein: 1.5
    Total Carbohydrate: 31.1g

    Kiwi (1 cup)
    Calcium: 60.2mg
    Protein: 2.0 g
    Total Carbohydrate: 25.9 g

    I used this website for nutrition information:

    here you can look up nutritional facts about almost every food. 🙂

  120. I am finishing up day 4 and it is an amazing detox! My mood is better and I have almost no cravings! I wanted to suggest something for the soup. After cooking it (and letting it cool a bit) I put mine through a blender making it more of a consistency of creamy tomato soup…I can't stomach chunky veggies like cabbage! I really enjoy it this way….and thought I'd suggest this method for those who are having trouble with it.
    I'd love to see a menu of what you eat- just to get a better picture and ideas of 'recipes'.

  121. I am on day 5 of this detox and for the most part, it hasn't been that difficult. Although, day 4 (bananas and yogurt) was a bit challenging and I love both. Bananas and yogurt ALL day is tough. I did it though! So far I have lost 4 pounds which is great, except I lost 3 the first day and the scale hasn't moved much since (1 pound.) Part of me thinks I could have achieved the same results by eating a very clean diet with more variety. I tend to lose 3-4 pounds per week on Weight Watchers if I stick to it very strictly. But that's the thing…with a strict diet such as this one, which is very restrictive, you are more apt to lose weight because there's not any "gray areas." That's my take on it anyway. I will post a follow-up when the week is over. I've got 5 more tomatoes to eat today, woo hoo! Better get started 😉

  122. Kari says:

    For the Fruit and Veggie days, do you think you could drink Naked Juices since they are all natural?

  123. I was wondering would this still work for me even if I have to low a low-fiber diet.

  124. k_tothe_ayla says:

    I started this "diet" on june 21 and i don't know if it's because i started eating more fruits and veggies a few months ago, but it's been pretty easy. i really don't like bananas and i ended up being able to eat FIVE and i actually started craving them now. so weird! but each day i looked forward to the next day because i wanted some milk that one day and meat today. i lost 3 the first day, 2 the second, 1 the next and .5 last night. So i have been consistently seeing it go down! i definately wanted to do this to detox b/c I plan on eating more clean and even more healthy than i'm attempting now. I say if you have doubts, just try it. get creative with the foods. I know i had too. The fruits were easy. I LOVE love fruits, but the tomatoe and protein day, that is today and that is tough!

  125. M.K. Reilly says:

    I am on Day 4, banana day, I have lost 5 lbs so far, & feel great! I could not find the Weight Watchers yogurt but have substituted it with Dannon Lit & Fit, It was the closest to Weight Watchers. I thought giving up coffee & alcohol, would be difficult, I really didn't miss it! My goal is to lose 10 lbs. by the end of the week. We will be at the beach for July 4th & would like to be able to get in to a bathing suit. I am very happy with the results & will post when my week is through. Thanks for sharing your diet/cleanse!

  126. Tracy says:

    I've noticed that a lot of people are posting about hating bananas.If it's just the texture that's the problem, I might have a solution – you can take bananas, peel and slice them, and then freeze them. After they're frozen, just put some in a food processor and blend — it creates a creamy ice cream like mix that's delicious. It does still taste like banana though, since that's all that's in it. 😉

  127. Hi, I am still nursing my baby, will this affect my supply to your knowledge? Thanks!

  128. Amanda says:

    hi, i was noticing alot of people asking about what to sub for bananas that also have high potassium: here is a short list of those foods

    •Tomatoes and tomato products, such as tomato juice, tomato soup, and tomato sauce
    •Nuts and seeds
    •Raisins, prunes, and other dried fruits
    •Legumes, including peas, lima beans, baked beans, pinto beans, soybeans, and lentils
    •Milk and many dairy products, including milk shakes, cheese, and yogurt
    •Brussels sprouts
    •Orange juice
    •Squash and other deep yellow vegetables

    i hope this helps 🙂

  129. hnzakrzewski says:

    Hi Ashley,

    My boyfriend and I are going to start this in about a week or so and I had a few questions. I've looked at the but I was wondering about snap peas and edamame? I wasn't sure if they were too starchy for vegetables or not but I could eat them all day lol so if I can have them this will be easy for me!

    Thanks for your help and answering all the questions you have it is really informative!,

  130. hnzakrzewski says:

    One other question to follow my previous post! What about coconut water – I live for this stuff is this allowed during the diet to stay hydrated or strictly water?


  131. Is this diet okay for someone such as myself who is at a very healthy weight?

    I'm 5'10" 120lbs and am really only hoping to lose 3-4 lbs. (of fat, not muscle), but I don't want to look (or feel) sickly. Please advise. 🙂

  132. I know you said no seltzer but what if it is sodium free seltzer?

  133. Ana Carneiro says:

    I'm starting this tomorrow! I put on some weight because of an hormonal problem and hopefully all stick to the diet and loose all 10pounds! I'll let you know how it goes, I'll probably hop in everyday for inspiration xD

    My Own Project

  134. Joia says:

    I'm on Day 2 and was SHOCKED to see a 6.8 lb. loss this morning since I weighed in on the morning of Day 1! Surely gave me the motivation to continue after STARVING all day (and getting sick of sweet things!).

    P.S. I drank coffee (black) and Diet Coke…just not willing to deal with the caffeine withdrawal headache :).

  135. Starting this next week – can't wait!!! I am your newest follower 🙂

  136. megan says:

    I'm a vegetarian and I'm just doing egg whites instead of the chicken/turkey and 'm thinking veggie broth instead of beef flavoring.

  137. Amanda M says:

    Realistically when should you start seeing results? I am on day 2 and it looks like I have gained a lb. Is this because I'm not working out? I have followed the diet closely. Please help

  138. I am doing this "diet" starting tomorrow. I do not eat too bad (no fast food, etc.), but I do consume refined sugars and occasionally processed foods. I am so excited to see how this works, seems pretty easy beside the day of bananas and milk. I'll let you know my results!

  139. on day 4 i simply ate fat free activia vanilla yogurt. it was really hard, but overall i was happy. i ended up loosing 11 lbs!! i havent had wine in 3 weeks… this diet helped me break my cravings for a bit!

  140. egroves says:

    I'm just curious if the weight will stay off or if I will just gain it all back, once I switch back to my normal eating. Has everyone had success keeping the weight off?

  141. Hi I hope you're still answering questions! But is ketchup and mustard ok? I'm thinking on day 5/6 a bunless chicken/turkey sandwich would be good. On day 5 topping will be tomato( of course) and on day 6 lettuce, cucumber, onion. So what do you think?

  142. The only crystal light I could find were those little packets that you pour into a water bottle or something and they each have 5 calories! Would that be okay? Or should I just stick with water all the time. Sometimes I just need something that has taste! Oh and could you possibly give me some meal ideas?

  143. Julie Lowe says:

    Extremely disappointed to say that I followed this diet exactly with poor results (w/ only one exception – I had coffee everyday b/c I have chronic migraines and couldn't manage w/o it). Anyhow, I only lost 2 lbs! It would have been worth a week of weird dietary restrictions to lose 10 lbs, but 2 lbs?! I am so upset. 🙁 Wish I had just started Weight Watchers and not suffered thru a week of this.

  144. michalann says:

    I'm going to try this this week. pretty excited about it. I just wanted to mention (I read the questions you addressed above) the person who's getting a pretty bad headache while doing the diet is most likely having serious sugar withdraws (as I'm sure I will).

  145. a'sarmywife says:

    Hi I am starting this tomorrow. You mention tomato sauce is ok. Is canned or jarred ok? I was looking at a high quality spaghetti sauce that only has inportated tomatoes olive oil garlic sea salt and I believe basil. Would that be ok?

  146. a mincey says:

    I did this and lost 11.6 lbs in 7 days! The only things I did different were eating Yoplait Lite yogurt (I don't like milk and you can't find WW yogurt here) and I did drink iced tea sweetened with Stevia (I LOVE my iced tea and having it just seemed to help me make it through). I took 2 days off and started it over again today. The problem that I find is that I just don't even want to eat (which I know isn't good) … but I'm motivated by my results so I keep on going (I'm leaving for a trip and wanted to get rid of a few lbs. before I leave). By the end of week 1 my jeans were looser and I could wear several shirts that I hadn't been able to wear in quite some time so that was motivating. I really struggle with days 5 & 6 because I don't love meat but I survived. Ready to see what the second round does. Good luck to everyone doing it!!!!

  147. Liz says:

    aka satan diet?? that doesn't sound appealing. am i misreading that?

  148. Can I use organic beef broth instead of Lipton beefy onion mix? Also, if I choose to do soup daily, is it unlimited or just 1 bowl?

  149. I'm currently training for a marathon. Do you think it would be safe to do is diet while training?

  150. sarah.marie says:

    i only lost three pounds and i followed the diet strictly. i'm so disappointed. but i guess it's because i'm already at a really healthy weight. oh well. guess i'll just have to stick with time and kick ass exercise

  151. Mayme Studer says:

    I just started this today and I'm hoping it goes well. I wanted to try it before the school year starts because it is not a practical diet for a teacher during the school year. I'll let you know how it went when the week is over.

  152. I'm on day five and I was wondering if the tomatoes can be the small tomatoes found in salads or if they need to be the large ones.

  153. Mayme Studer says:

    Can the soup recipe be cut in half? It looks like it is going to be an awful lot for one day and I'm not sure it's something I am going to want to eat for leftovers. Has anyone ever made it in the crockpot, because that is what I'm thinking about doing.
    Also, does cocoa count as a seasoning? There are no calories or sugar or anything in it and thought it might go well with bananas in the blender.
    Any help would be great…email me at

  154. Can you eat tomatoes on the fruit day since they are technically a fruit or is that considered a veggie on this diet? Please email me at Thanks!

  155. hsdean95 says:

    I'm currently on day four and have stuck to this diet very strictly and have only lost 5pds do far. Is this normal?

  156. Hey Ashley! My boyfriend and I are starting this diet Monday.

    I think we can do it! We are curious to see what the results will be. I think day 4 is the only day I will dread (I hate milk and bananas, but I will do it!)

    The only thing I have to change is the soup :/ I can't eat cooked or raw onions, they make me sick. I don't know why, since I can do onion flavoring, or dehydrated onions. I will have to find something else. But the rest of the diet I am going to try to follow to a T! I know you probably don't have time, but if you want to check out my blog at then you could let me know if I am doing something wrong. I am going to post what we eat each day and how it is going. Again I understand you are busy, but if you get the chance to check on me, I would appreciate it lol 🙂

  157. I messed up 🙁 I forgot to eat the potato last night! I am on day 3, which is fruits and veggies. Should I eat the potato today? or just forget it? Please email me at and let me know! I would really appreciate it.

  158. I know life is busy for any mom, myself being one, but I wish you would post something about your response time, when you ask that others leave their emails with questions. I assumed you just weren't online, but I see that you made a post just yesterday, yet have not responded to me, or updated FAQ's. Like I said, I understand you are busy, and might not check all the comments on such a popular post, but I wish I had known that it could be so long, so I wouldn't of been checking my email so often looking for an answer.

  159. :: ashley :: says:

    I am so happy for your progress! Congratulations!

  160. :: ashley :: says:

    I was able to keep it off for a year with continued healthy eating

  161. :: ashley :: says:

    Erin, you are WONDERFUL! I get SO many questions about banana replacements, great resource!

  162. :: ashley :: says:

    That is a great idea and something my cousin suggested and loved!

  163. :: ashley :: says:

    cherry tomatoes should work great as well. the closer you stick to the diet, the better results you will have.

  164. :: ashley :: says:

    the closer you stick to the plan, the better the results will be. but feel free to try it and see if it works! i dont know for sure.

  165. :: ashley :: says:

    I would say no… too much sodium.

  166. :: ashley :: says:

    No, just eat when you are hungry. The last day is JUST soup.

  167. :: ashley :: says:

    great question and yes! zero calories, zero sugar is the way to go

  168. :: ashley :: says:

    I haven't tried it, I am not sure…

  169. :: ashley :: says:

    yes, soup every day still lose the weight. I lost in in my fave and stomach.

  170. :: ashley :: says:

    I need to make one, I have been so busy! hopefully soon!

  171. :: ashley :: says:

    ya, no cheese or dairy. sorry! i hope you have better luck the 2nd time around.

  172. :: ashley :: says:

    mushrooms yes, tofu no.

  173. :: ashley :: says:

    great info, thanks! i will try that.

  174. :: ashley :: says:

    yes, I did juice one day, still felt hungry though!

  175. :: ashley :: says:

    thanks for sharing! great ideas!

  176. :: ashley :: says:

    good luck! sounds like you are doing great. that last soup day you will lose 2-3 as well

  177. :: ashley :: says:

    umm… i would ask a doctor. i am not sure

  178. :: ashley :: says:

    great idea subbing out the yogurt for light & fit, good work!

  179. :: ashley :: says:

    Yes, do not do this while nursing.

  180. :: ashley :: says:

    great THANKS! just remember the closer you stick to the original diet, the better results are guaranteed.

  181. :: ashley :: says:

    they should be ok!

  182. :: ashley :: says:

    I think it has natural sugar in it, if no- only drink regular water.

  183. :: ashley :: says:

    yes, its healthy- you will not lose as much though 🙂 you will feel great!

  184. :: ashley :: says:

    maybe! haven't tried it. let me know how it goes for you.

  185. :: ashley :: says:

    please only weigh yourself first thing in the morning, and you should see results by the end of the week.

  186. :: ashley :: says:

    YAY! so happy for you!

  187. :: ashley :: says:

    if you continue healthy eating it stays off.

  188. :: ashley :: says:

    mustard is ok, ketchup has way too much sugar

  189. :: ashley :: says:

    yes thats fine !

  190. :: ashley :: says:

    I am so sorry! most people have great results, but it doesnt work for everyone. the coffee is probably what hurt your results. so sorry!

  191. :: ashley :: says:

    yes that should be ok

  192. :: ashley :: says:

    so glad you had great results!

  193. :: ashley :: says:

    its saracasm 🙂

  194. :: ashley :: says:

    I dont see why not!? give it a try!

  195. :: ashley :: says:

    I actually think no, I felt too weak to run during that week.

  196. :: ashley :: says:

    sorry to hear! but if you are healthy already, you dont have much to lose 🙂 the cleanse of the diet still will be great for your body and health

  197. :: ashley :: says:

    the bigger the better, just so you feel fuller. but small ones are ok too.

  198. :: ashley :: says:

    Yes, you can! We make it for a week for 2 people. I have not tried the crockpot

  199. :: ashley :: says:

    No, just wait till the tomato day!

  200. :: ashley :: says:

    yes, wait until the end of the week!

  201. :: ashley :: says:

    you can take the onions out? I am not sure, just give it a try! i hope it works well for you! this is a good list for banana subs

  202. :: ashley :: says:

    I would continue as is, and forget the potato

  203. :: ashley :: says:

    This month has been insane for us as a family, I am sorry its taken me so long to respond. I got all caught up today, and enabled this reply comment form so I can do it from my phone. Thanks for your questions and good luck!

  204. meme12345 says:

    I'm in day 7. Is it okay if I don't add the Lipton soup mix and I just eat a natural soup?

  205. Sally says:

    I know that on day 2 you can put butter on your potato… can you butter on other veggies too, or should it be restricted to the potato only?

  206. I am on day 2 and down 3 lbs so far.
    My question is about iced tea. I am taking is as much water as I can and am not a fan of crystal light. Would iced tea be ok to consume on this diet in moderation of course? I uaually take it with a sweet and low packet. I just need something to calm the lack of caffiene headache.

    Thank you!

  207. Pamela L says:

    I am on week 2 of the 7 day diet. Lost 10 lbs week 1. The only day I was really hungry was banana and yogurt day, I only ate 4 of each though.
    Thanks for the info

  208. Ashley says:

    Weight watchers yogurt is discontinued! As a substitute, because I do not like milk, I am going to use the carbmaster yogurts from Kroger (same as Ralph's, I think). They are low in sugar and high in calcium!

  209. CourtLet617 says:

    I started this today and it is going well so far! I went and got a watermelon and a cantaloupe and just plan on continuously eating them the whole rest of the day. Tomorrow will be cucumber salad (just vinegar should be fine, right?) and spaghetti squash for dinner. I'm hoping this works and I can lose just enough to NOT look like a sausage stuffed into a dress for a wedding I have in 2 weeks.
    One question though… I've been looking everywhere for Weight Watchers yogurt and I can't find it. But there are TONS of other kinds. I know you said WW is best, but is there something close to that? I saw in the FAQs not Yoplait light… but what about Activia or something like that?

  210. CourtLet617 says:

    I just saw the above post… is that yogurt good? I have a Krogers around here. Is that what I should be looking for, low in sugar, high in calcium?

  211. I saw people asking about an alternative to the milk on day 4, I am a pescatarian (a vegetarian who eats some seafood) so I do not drink milk however I do drink Flaxmilk. It has as much calcium as calcium as whole milk (30%) it is only 50 calories with 7 grams of sugar. It tastes like a little bit sweeter milk. It is lactose and dairy free as well as gluten and soy free. You can get it at Costco for sure. Hope that helps some people!

  212. Amy says:

    Hi there,

    I'm on day 2 and have a couple of questions.

    1) I have lost no weight yet. I know it's only been one day. But – is this normal?
    2) Despite the fruit day (I ate melon, grapes, grapefruit, half a pear, and a bowl of the wonder soup, and a ton of water), I never did … expend any waste. (Sorry for the TMI). But is that a really bad sign or what???
    3) I see mentions of this "list" of approved foods and while I see the infographic (love it!) and the 7daydiet site, I don't see this list. just curious.
    4) if I buy like a raw tahini garlic kale salad, or some jicama slaw, are those allowed for veggie days or probably not bc of the other ingredients? (tahini oil, olive oil, vinegars)

    Thanks! I'm hoping for the cleanse/detox affects and for weight loss.

  213. :: ashley :: says:

    sounds fine to me!and the soup is unlimited

  214. :: ashley :: says:

    the closer you stick to the diet the better the results will be.

  215. :: ashley :: says:

    no caffiene sorry!

  216. :: ashley :: says:

    ya thats a great substitute!

  217. :: ashley :: says:

    1- wait until the end of the 7 days
    2- wait and you should be ok
    3- on the site should have alist
    4-yes, that sounds right

  218. Ricochet says:

    What got me through: Sliced strawberries with a drizzle of no calorie vanilla coffee syrup. Spaghetti squash tossed with sundried tomatoes, olives (only 2 diced very fine), and fresh herbs. DIY salad dressing made of pureed tomatoes and red wine vinegar with a pinch of splenda. Bananas drizzled in no calorie caramel coffee syrup. Sliced tomatoes soaked in bsalmic vinegar. Turkey burger cooked with fennel and sage (to get a sausage flavor). Homemade sauerkraut with mustard (I know, it's kinda strange). Subbing the onion soup mix for some beef boullion and pureeing the finished soup in the blender. I was 40 lbs. over weight, but I lost 8 on this diet. Moving on to a no/low carb diet to lose more.
    Thanks for sharing this diet with me!

  219. Jenna & Joey says:

    I just finished this for the second time. The first time was in april, and i lost 11 lbs. The sencond was the hardest for me, my body was so hungry, and i had a pretty bad headache most of the day. the soup day i was completely nuasiated. I had maybe 2 bowls of soup the entire day, and only sips of water or a felt like a would throw up. But again, I did lose the 11 lbs.
    Yesterday was my last day this time around. I kept track of my waist measurments as well as my weight, and was thrilled to see the inches come off as well as the pounds. The second da was still the hardest for me, and the banana day was SUCh a treat. The tomato and chicken day also seemed especially divive! To avoid the nauseous feeling i had from the soup last time, i just did another fruit day on day 7. While i don't think i lost as much as i could have with the soup, it was worth it to not be sick all day long. Not only did i lose 9 pounds, i also lost a full 9 inches off my waist, which to me made the entire thing completely worth it! It was a good way to start my healthy eating and exercise plan, and i would definietely do it again!

  220. Ricochet says:

    Were you able to keep the first 11 lbs. off?

  221. Found this on Pinterest a couple months ago, and trying it out now that I'm back at college. On day 1, wish me luck! 🙂

  222. Mr.V says:

    I know you have stated that this diet shouldn't be followed by someone who is nursing BUT do you know if someone who is actively trying to get pregnant can follow it? I ask because there is always that uncertainty of being pregnant without realizing it for at least two weeks. I am trying to do this but also know that it would better my chances if I lost 10lbs so this diet sounds absolutely perfect if I can follow it. Please let me know if you get a chance at

  223. Aurore says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  224. Aurore says:

    Thank you so much for this diet! I am on the beginning of day four and I feel healthy and satisfied. Although.. I did follow the diet on the my7daydiet website more closely than this because I believe this one is a little too strict. I also exercise every morning and take my daily vitamins. I would say so far that the fruit day was the most difficult. Then on day three I was feeling very lethargic and miserable and by the end of the day I was bloated from all of the vegetables. I never weighed myself but now on day four I am finally seeing results in a slimmer stomach. I believe that this day will go smoothly for me because I love bananas and milk. I'm only worried if I will have enough energy for the full day seven mile hike meeting I have tomorrow :/ Any idea on how I can make hiking snacks out of chicken and tomatos?

  225. Manda says:

    I thought you might like to see this.

    My mother has a lot of poatssium issues and here is a good list of substitues for bananas in the potassium issue.

  226. MadameMarsh says:

    Hi Ashley,
    I found this via Pinterest and had heard of the diet before. My husband and I are mid-way through day 2 and doing okay. Of course we are hungry often, but we are eating a little of the soup everyday. Also, on the fruit day (and will do for day 3 also) we made smoothies using frozen fruit and some blueberry "juice" I had from reconstituting some dried blueberries last week. I assume one could use coconut water as well as its very beneficial and comes from fruit. Also, we are going to do full fat greek yogurt on day 4 because we eat whole foods and weight watcher's or yoplait yogurts would not fit into that category. We don't buy anything reduced fat either because our bodies need these fats from good sources. Looking forward to seeing our results with these few modifications 🙂

  227. MadameMarsh says:

    you should really just stick with water and maybe add some lemon or lime, a tiny bit of stevia or agave if necessary. Artificial sweeteners that are in most crystal light flavors are synthetic chemicals and not whole foods so I don't understand how they fit into a clean diet…I know in moderation its not too bad, but I just don't think it should be promoted for weight loss…natural is better.

  228. Kat says:

    Hi Ashley! I am looking forward to doing this because my eating has gotten out of control. I will do this and then go back to Weight Watchers after I am done. I assume that is a good follow up. I have had great success with WW in the past. Anyway, I was wondering about replacing Skim Milk with 1%. Would that be a bad idea? Thanks.

  229. Hi my names linsay. Im a 29 year old stay at home mother of 5. the oldest being 9 and the youngest is about 1 1/2. life around here is caotic and crazy for me and you would think with all the constant moving i do i would be a twig but sadly that is not even remotely true. im 5'9" and just weighed in at 176lbs. I know that is not bad but for me i've always been "healthy thin" my whole life so 145-155 is "my" ideal weight for myself anyways. I've been stuck here at this 176 marker for about 3 months now and im really getting sick of it. I saw this pinned on pinterest and i am very excited to try it. dropping 10 lbs would make my day. or week! ill keep you posted.

  230. by the way im allergic to tomatoes so should i just leave them out or should i try to substitute something? what should i substitute? thanks!

  231. Natalee says:

    I can't believe you do this diet frequently. I'm on Day 6 and have had the runs for 3 days. I'm light headed, weak, and can't even get in a decent workout.

    Also, apparently I bought the wrong kind of rotisserie chicken at the store because it has 16 g of fat as opposed to Costco's 7g of fat.

    Thankfully this was only being done as a cleanse after a week of naughty foods with family–so I wasn't looking to lose more than 6 pounds anyway.

    Good for you for keeping it up, but there is no way on God's green earth that I'm going to eat nothing but soup tomorrow. Not for maybe 1 more pound.

    As it stands, I'm down 6 pounds in 6 days.

  232. Hi Ashley! I started this diet on Monday this week and am now on my third day. I have followed it to your exact guidelines except for not eating a potato yesterday. However, when I got on the scale this morning I had gained a little. Is this normal? Any ideas why this could be? I'm so excited about this diet cause I LOVE everything that's in it but that kind of discouraged me…

  233. Kait89 says:

    I have a magic bullet and am a huge fan of making smoothies…is it ok on fruit day and veggie day to make smoothies out of fresh ingredients? or is it I need the fiber kinda thing?

  234. Hollie says:

    After reading all of these questions/answers, it seems to good to be true. Give us the nitty gritty details, I feel like we are being left out of some important well-being information. I'm dying for more information before I start this thing. How EXACTLY did you feel during each day? Were you tired? Did you not have enough energy to work out? Did you get so hungry that you felt like you constantly had to eat? What about sleeping? Did you keep a regular sleeping schedule? And getting into the REAL nitty gritty details: Pooping… how did that go??? I always get headaches when I don't eat enough so I am very concerned with the first 2 days. I also don't want to be stuck at work when my body is cleansing itself out…

  235. Tammy Butler says:

    On day 6 and lost 5 lbs. so far. I had to have a slice of pizza Sat. so that threw me off a bit but I'm happy with the 5 so far. I'll weight again Wednesday for a final total.

  236. I am on day one, and have to say it was not all that bad. I am a coffee drinker, so I tried green tea instead. I made the soup tonight and really don't mind it. Hoping this works as a great cleanse!

  237. Breanna Penn says:

    Hi, I tried going through the comments to see if someone already asked and didn't see it so here goes- can tomato juice count as tomato intake on chicken and tomato day??

  238. Janelle says:

    So, at one point in the FAQ you mentioned that you would have tomatoes (as a sauce) on veggie day, but another question you say tomatoes ONLY on tomato day. Which is it? Can you have tomatoes on veggie day, or only on tomato day? I'm on day four (this is the second time I've done it) and I would have loved to put some fresh salsa on my taco salad on veggie day, but didn't since I thought I couldn't have it…

  239. Florence Au says:

    I just started this today! Sadly I don't have much of a fruit selection so I've been eating apples, pears, and clementines. I hope I stick to this, lately I've been eating way too many white carbs and meat! For me the hardest days will probably be the fruits and the banana & yogurt days. I will keep checking the faqs and this blog for motivation 🙂

  240. Florence Au says:

    Also I was wondering if seaweed was appropriate for day 2? I do love my seaweed salads

  241. I'm starting this diet tomorrow. I looked and looked and researched and found out that Weight Watchers yogurt is discontinued. Any suggestions?

  242. :: ashley :: says:

    I think that would be fine!

  243. :: ashley :: says:

    Please consult a doctor, I am not sure! Sorry ;/

  244. :: ashley :: says:

    I would try to find a yogurt with the lowest possible sugars… I will have to go check it out! I am sorry to hear they discontinued it!

  245. :: ashley :: says:

    seaweed is fine, i think!

  246. :: ashley :: says:

    The closer you stick to the original plan the better the results- so I would just stick to regular tomatoes.

  247. Gina says:

    what a miracle kick start! worked so well for me!! Thanks!!

  248. My husband and I are on day 5 of the diet, and he has lost 10 lbs. already! I've lost 6, not too shabby! I want to blog about my experience with the diet and what we ate, but I'm a new blogger and not sure on all the netiquette. Would it be okay for me to link to your blog and/or post the graphic (both with credit, of course!). You can email me at THANKS!!!

  249. Sissi Vargas says:

    My husband and I are doing this diet, we are on day 5 and so far he has lost 8 pounds, and I 7 pounds. But yesterday was a really hard day and we ate a salad too. Today is chicken and tomato day; so far is doing great for us. But at the beginning we tried another version which only varies because it includes the soup, we only did it at day one, we couldnt continue beacuse the soup is so disgusting that only the smell made us sick! so on day 7, we are repeating a fruit and veggies day.

  250. ravensdreams says:

    hmm I don't see how coffee would have canceled out the diet. Caffeine boosts up your metabolism,unless she used a bunch of sugar in her coffee.

  251. Coconut water is a good source of potassium

  252. What happens if you hate bananas?
    Can they be in a smoothie?

  253. Yionne Cantu says:

    Your supposed to primarily fill up on the soup…

  254. Yionne Cantu says:

    Yes almond milk ive read was ok….

  255. Is there a vegetarian alternative to this?

  256. Erica Kase says:

    Where can I find the FAQ's?

  257. Cheryl Denby says:

    Can anyone tell me how much yogurt do you eat?

  258. Soy milk is terrible for you. Raw cow's milk is much better, but if you'd rather do a milk alternative I'd highly suggest coconut, hemp, or almond.

  259. Hi there,

    Does anyone know what the Lipton soup mix has in it and if I can sort of make my own soup sans the mix or with something similar? I am living in Italy and they do not have that here, Ashely, if you can please respond. Thanks so much!

  260. HannahLou says:

    Started today with my husband. Doing pretty well. Cheated so little with a handful of plantain chips because I couldn't take sweet and soft anymore. My husband and I are amazed at how excited we are for vegetable day… More variety. I am curious if you have any recommendations about how to cook the meat on the fowl days. I'm excited to do this.

  261. As a vegetarian transitioning into vegan, this sounds fantastic…sounds like my normal diet minus all the horrible starch/sugar, other not-so-healthy stuff I eat! THANKS…starting this diet on 2moro

  262. L.L.I. says:

    I'm on day 4! 2 questions that I haven't seen answered- is the soup necessary? And can you have avocados?

  263. This comment has been removed by the author.

  264. I can't seem to find the FAQ's you mentioned in a comment up above. Can you direct me to them? ( I'm doing this diet but would like some questions answered first, and I'm sure you've addressed them before. Thanks 🙂

  265. Unknown says:

    Is there anyone to substitute something for the tomatoes? I only like them when they are drizzled in olive oil and chopped up on a nice piece of bread. Any advice for that day?

  266. Meaghan says:

    Hi I have a few questions:
    – So I know no to coffee, but is tea unlimited?
    – I drink a.c.v. every morning, should I keep up with that?
    – How much seasonings can I use like when I make chicken and turkey?
    – On banana and yogurt day, can I add things like cinnamon and chia seeds to my yogurt?

    Thank you!
    – On days like bananas and

  267. Anybody still on here wondering if it has to be fresh fruit or can I use can to?

  268. Anybody still on here wondering if it has to be fresh fruit or can I use can to?

  269. Cayla says:

    Hi! Can I have coffee with unsweetened almond milk??

  270. Tee says:

    I love this! It’s a great ‘reset’ when you’ve gotten off track with your healthy eating! I’m on day 5 and it already down 6 lbs! I did cheat a little on days with veggies. I dipped my carrots in ranch, put pb on my celery and a little Italian dressing on my salad. And for my chicken I used mrs.dash, so no salt! I definitely should be drinking more water though.


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