Pantry + Closet Organization Basics

April 15, 2022

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A little spring cleaning is good for the soul. So is a little summer cleaning…a little fall cleaning…you get the point. As our homes and families change, our organization systems need to evolve along with them. I’m constantly looking for ways to reorganize and better store the items in our home. You can attribute it to my Type A tendencies, but it genuinely brings me a sense of peace. 

My recent undertaking was our pantry. With the genius of @tidystylehome, we were able to optimize the space of our small pantry to accommodate our family of 6!  I’m excited to share the results, and the new systems we have in place.

The Before…

We followed a 4-step plan to get the job done:







It’s super important to know the numbers when it comes to your space. Those measurements will dictate which products you’ll be able to fit appropriately. Make sure you note the depth, length, and height of your shelves and floor space. 



Get a feel of how full your pantry is on a regular basis. Are you the type to keep a few months of food storage at all times? Or do you shop for a week’s worth at a time? This is gonna determine the number/layout of products you will use. While you’re going through, throw out any expired food, dented canned goods, etc that you no longer need in your home. 



My favorite part! The Container Store is my go-to for all things organization. Here are some of the products we purchased and utilized in this undertaking:

The Multi-Purpose bin is one that I use ALL over my house. There are a few different sizes that I use for different things. The medium size fits canned food PERFECTLY. So we got quite a few to store cans on the floor of the pantry. The large and extra large sizes work great for boxed/bulky items.

The Water Hyacinth storage bins with handles add a tasteful curb appeal to your storage, and are especially awesome for snack items, bread, and chip bags.

The Bamboo Stacking Trays add an extra level of functionality and are perfect for small snack bags, like goldfish, that your family can grab and go.

The Oxo Pop Canister sets are what I have used for years for my baking ingredients. They serve a dual purpose in maintaining the freshness of the products, while also removing the spills and eyesore of flour and sugar bags. 

The Madesmart White Lazy Susans  are genius for storing sauces, sprays, and oils. It has rubber gripping on the plate that is super easy to clean and protects your shelves from oily stains. 

The over-the-door rack is one I highly recommend, as it adds a significant increase in storage!


Now is the time when you assemble your space in a way that promotes functionality and visual-ease. A few tips we put into place for my pantry:

  • I love to have the snack foods in reach for my children
  • I place cans on a low shelf or the floor to prevent heavy-falling injuries
  • Use chip clips! They eliminate messes and add longevity to your groceries
  • LABELS. LABELS. LABELS. It makes it so much easier to maintain order when your baskets, bins, and containers remind you what goes in them—The Container Store has several label options
  • Since we like having a 2-3 month food supply at all times in case of emergency, we keep a backstock of items on the upper shelves, that we can rotate down and replace as we need them

The After…


I utilized the same amazing storage products from The Container Store, and the skills I learned from @tidystylehome to tackle my cleaning closet. We added these metal shelves from Amazon, which more than doubled our storage space! One of the best purchases I’ve made in recent years has been the Dyson Stick Vacuum. One, because it is the most efficient vacuum I’ve ever used, and two, it saves SO MUCH space. Our old vacuum was bulky, and had to stand on the floor which really limited things in regards to storage. Here’s a peek at the glam-up!

I still have so much to learn about optimal organization methods, but I do know that assessing the needs of your individual situation and finding a system that works for you is what is most important!


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I'm Ashley Reeves!

I'm a body positive mother, entrepreneur and speaker who has spent the last decade building better body love and empowering others to do the same.

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