How to Design a Living Room You’ll Love

June 21, 2024

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Creating peaceful living spaces in my home has become a passion of mine as I’ve gotten older. I consider my home my sanctuary from the world, and I aim to fill it intentionally. I think regardless of differing styles and palettes, the goal of having a space you can feel comfortable in is pretty universal.

My living room is one that I take extra care in designing, because it is our gathering place for family and friends, and where most of our memories are made at home. I wanted to share some of the products and pieces that I have found to create a neutral, calming living room that we all love spending time in.

You can find my living room links HERE!

We’ve tried a few different sectionals in our years as a family, and this has been our absolute favorite! Spacious for our big and tall family, super comfortable, and the material is not only more durable than anything we’ve had previously, but it also cleans easily and hides any wear and tear. You can shop the sectional HERE

I’m no expert, and certainly not a qualified interior designer, but here are the three questions I ask myself when I approach a room:

  1. “How can I best utilize this space for SEATING and STORAGE?” (With a large family, we need plenty of extra seats, so I love to find options that also double as storage–see the link above–Mapping out the most optimal way to store items in the room is a helpful first-step when designing)
  2. “Does this room have enough texture and dimension?” (I’m not personally a fan of one-note, monochromatic themes, so I like to have different colors/materials to make the room feel warmer) 
  3. “Is there an organization system in place to make cleaning/maintenance easier?” (you can find my favorite home organizer products HERE)

You deserve to feel happy in your home, friend! Enjoy the process of creating it!

xo Ashley


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I'm a body positive mother, entrepreneur and speaker who has spent the last decade building better body love and empowering others to do the same.

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