How I Organized My Garage With The Container Store

November 20, 2018

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This year I have been on an organizing kick and I am loving it!  I have been able to collaborate with The Container Store on my Pantry Reveal as well as my refrigerator hack and the tricks to getting food to last longer.  The Container Store offers so many storage and organizing solutions, and I also hired Tracy and her team Organize Simply! They have the best team of organizing professionals that will come into your home to help you efficiently design and organize any space.

A couple months ago I was going crazy with how unorganized our garage was, so I reached out to Organize Simply and The Container Store and made the appointment.  Before I knew it they were in my home helping me make sense of our chaotic garage and the end results have made my heart so happy!  (I wish I had a before picture to share to give you an idea of what they were up against.) 

Having things organized and easily accessible honestly helps bring down my anxiety but I also love how pretty everything looks when it’s neatly put away.  Our new motto in our home is – Every thing has its place and every place has its thing!  

I totally love all the organizing bins, but I feel like we need to first acknowledge the bike rack hook and track they used to get all the bikes off the ground! We love having bikes for our family but definitely don’t love having them spread out all over our garage.  With this system, they have their place in our garage.  Yay!  


We also installed a tool holder and a cord holder as well!  Justin doesn’t have a lot of tools, but it is definitely nice to have a place for the ones that he does have.  All of the “Elfa” hooks and holders can be used with  the same track that we used for the bikes.  I love that this entire system can be used together and is very versatile.  So as our organizing needs change, we can still utilize the products we already have.  

Back to the bins!  My love for organizing bins runs deep and won’t be going any where soon, but add some clean labels on them and it’s a game changer!  We used the clear storage box cases and paired them with these beautiful black and white labels.  We also found a bin large enough for our Christmas tree!  

I love how this project turned out and I can’t thank The Container Store for making it happen!  Now that everything is in its place keeping it organized and clean is easier than ever!  

Here’s a list of all the products we used to make the most out of our garage space.  Happy organizing babes!  



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I'm Ashley Reeves!

I'm a body positive mother, entrepreneur and speaker who has spent the last decade building better body love and empowering others to do the same.

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