Back to School Fun with Name Bubbles

Aug 8

In case you missed it… organizing all. the. things has been a huge priority for me this year!    There are so many awesome tricks, tips, and amazing products that make organizing life FUN!  It can be a tad overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, but this is where I come in!  You know I wouldn’t rant and rave about anything if I didn’t put it to good use in my own life.  

With back to school just around the corner (literally) I knew I had to get a jump start on purchasing school supplies or the stress from procrastination and last minute shopping would totally consume me.  You can relate, right?!  

So we went and we conquered!


This year, instead of taking on the task of divvying up everything myself, I decided to make this a fun family night activity.  I thought it would be convenient (and cute) if all the school supplies were labeled and I knew that using Name Bubbles for this little project was just the ticket to get my kids on board.  If your kids are like mine and love stickers or labels, personalize them and you will win the favorite parent award… always.  🙂

The boys were so excited to help divide out their school supplies and put their very own Name Labels their pencil boxes, crayons, colored pencils… all that fun stuff!  They were totally into it and it felt like a mom win!   Now I feel like if anything gets mixed up over the next couple of weeks, I don’t have to stress about which supplies go with who, because they are already labeled and will make any resorting easy peasy.   

I also recently purchased a few new shirts, shorts, and pants in true back to school fashion for each of the boys, and you better believe that once those brand new clothes showed up, the first thing we did was put a washable clothing label on them.   If you missed my laundry hack post that makes sorting everyone’s clothes a painless process that anyone in the family can do, check it out here!  

I love that everything Name Bubbles offers is bright and fun for my kids so they can easily be identified!  They are waterproof, fade resistant, and durable too!  So if you’re a busy mom like me looking for every day solutions that help in the simplest way, Name Bubbles is a must.

Happy labeling friends!

This post was written as part of a paid partnership with Name Bubbles, all opinions are my own. 







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