A Day in the Life with Lantana Hummus

Nov 16

We are all busy, I get it. We are trying to hustle from place to place, usually with a few kids in tow, trying to check of miles of to do lists and someone also make healthy fast choices too!? It seems impossible some days!

I am so grateful for companies who help make healthy a little easier and accessible for us all- Lanatana Hummus has been a delicious and colorful addition to our family food line up and I know it will be for you too!

Not only do they have some of the most yummy flavors ever, they are colorful bright packaging and they are are SO delicious. 

My kids love the white bean flavor, and I use it to pack in their lunches.

I love the siracha carrot, as well as the black bean, and edamame. I was able to use those for a party platter too!

You can see a video of our day with Lantana HERE


This post was sponsored by Lantana, all opinions are my own! 


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