Walkin’ on Sunshine with the Burley Solstice Stroller

Aug 18




Hi, my name is Ashley. I love Diet Coke & long, effortless walks on the beach…with my children because I am a mom to four delightful little people who I just can’t get enough of.

With four kids, I am no stranger to the sheer amount of effort it takes to go places–the store, the park, outside for a pre-bedtime stroll to the release the wiggles. I’m talking a Hulk-like effort. Seriously. So when the Burley Solstice Stroller showed up on my doorstep, I did a happy dance & unpacked it IMMEDIATELY.


I’ve taken this stroller hiking, on family vacations, out of state & basically anywhere I can think of to go. After a thorough (& thoroughly enjoyable) test run, I am in love. Head over heels, chocolate on Valentine’s Day, let’s-get-married love. Easy to set up & take down? Check. Ideal for travelling? Check. Great for outdoor family activities? Check. Huge cargo space underneath for all my children’s necessities? Check. Tall enough that my six foot frame isn’t bent over & cramping up as I push it? Check, check, check!


And if that isn’t enough, Mae gives her new ride two incredibly cute feet up.



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