My Ideal Summer Evening

Aug 18






Do you ever have moments in your life when it feels like a dream? Specific events you spent dreaming of, working towards, obsessing over? Lazy summer evenings with my family on the porch of our beautiful home is one of those moments for me. A retreat from the busy day in & day out, an escape from the desert heat, a safe haven for a our family to simply sit & enjoy each other’s company.

This was one of those moments. It was glorious, in case you were wondering, which I’m assuming you are. Exactly like I pictured it in my mind for so many years.

Key to any realization of a perfect daydream is the setting. We moseyed into At Home’s new location in Provo & I had to physically restrain myself from purchasing one of everything. Superhuman feat right there. One thing I couldn’t walk away from was this fantastic end table. Geometric & neon? That’s a match made in heaven & totally Instagramable. (Is that a word? It is now!) I couldn’t leave this beauty out on the porch by her lonesome, which is where this colorful, comfortable rocker came into play. Trust me, it’s not weird to become emotionally attached to or project human emotion on furniture. Trust me.

And that is how the perfect summer evening came to be. My family hanging out in rocking chairs eating Lick’d Pop popsicles & loving life. I don’t even feel guilty saying yes to seconds (& sometimes thirds)–healthy & delicious, another match made in heaven. Cookies & Cream is my personal fave. It also gets a vote of approval from all four of the kiddos! Mabel especially likes it smeared all over her kissable cheeks.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I hear the last whispers of summer calling me to join my family in my rocking chair & eat a popsicle (or two) before school starts up & the chill sets in. Oh summer nights, I wish you could stay around forever.

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