Reverse Detox, something I can totally get behind!

Jan 5

2018!! I know I know, there are a million people starting a million diets, cleanses, detoxes- what more could I possibly have to introduce you guys to!? I got an email from Prescribe Nutrition and I was so excited to give this a shot for a few reasons. First of all, they are whole foods focused – which is ALWAYS my primary beliefs on eating and fueling the body. I don’t focus on quick weight loss, I focus on healing the gut and fueling the body with nutrition. They also introduce the concept of a GENTLE REVERSE DETOX that sounds SO perfect for me! I think sometimes we go cold turkey eliminating all the bad things for the sake of detox, but our bodies go into shock and we cave and fail on our goal.

They slowly eliminate foods over 3 weeks, with the end of the program being the most strict. I LOVE THIS IDEA because it also makes me more excited to gradually ease into a stricter eating program. 

So here are some of my favorite parts taken from them directly! 

  • Prescribe 20 helps you figure out the best diet for you. We help you uncover how to eat for your body. 
  • The program is mapped out over a 20 day calendar with materials, videos, workouts and eating protocols that help you understand what foods work best for you. Our materials answer the “whys” behind healthy eating to create a new your approach to food.
  • We designed 3 eating protocols that progress over 20 days in our signature reverse gentle detox. Go all in or modify the protocols to fit your needs! Many have said we are the new Whole30 but with far less restrictions, hands on support and unparalleled education.
  • Our live discussion boards are one of our top features (you can see example on the Prescribe 20 page). Participants can ask us any and all questions, whether it be about skin or digestion or about cooking/baking with a new ingredient – we’re there to support.
  • Recipes GALORE! (over 180) 
  • …+ optional workouts for all levels!

SO if you want to join the group I am hoping on board with, head over to Prescribe Nutrition and use code FRESHFIX for 30% off ! Lets do this 2018!


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