Rettel Co L♡VE!

Jan 16

For Christmas we decided to create a space for all our kids to craft in.  I don’t know about you, but my kids could create something every. single. day… AND I LOVE IT!  I love that we are raising them to use their imaginations, to play and to build.  I will be sharing more information about the room itself in a couple days but I honestly felt like this gem needed a post of it’s own. 

Let me introduce you to, the Rettel Roller!   

A couple months before Christmas I saw these beautiful Rettel Rollers and knew that I needed to get my hands on one specifically for the kids craft room.  For this space I ended up using the 24″ one!   I love that it’s large enough for me to write big affirmations on it for my kiddos or for them to simply doodle on themselves… I can only imagine the silly phrases my older boys are going to write on it and I can totally picture a few quotes from Star Wars ending up here thanks to Mr. Reeves – the biggest kid in our casa!  

Since I was ordering one for my kids to have in their space, I kind of felt like I wanted to have one of my own… so naturally I made the right decision and ordered 2!  The 18″ Rettel Roller fits perfectly on this little wall in our kitchen and I love that it’s in a spot where we can easily see it.  

Lately I have been playing around with some hand-lettering, so I feel like having these hung up around the house will give me ample opportunities to practice making pretty quotes.  

I’ve also used it for showcasing our meal plans for the week.  While I love organizing our weekly meals on my phone in the favoreats app , I love having this hung up as a reminder for not just me, but for the whole family!  Plus it’s just so gosh darn pretty!  Right?!

AND because I love you and I know how much you are going to LOVE having a Rettel Roller in your home, I was able to get you a discount!  Use code RESOLUTION15 at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase ♡♡♡

Where would you use a Rettel Roller in your home?

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