Glamping at Conestoga Ranch

Nov 8

Ashley Fun Fact #12: I married into a family of hardcore campers. Every year we drive up to the same campsite & enjoy a week off the grid old school style. I love being out in nature, but boy is it HARD WORK. Especially now that our clan of little people out numbers Justin & I two to one. Ten years of camping has left me a seasoned camper, so trust me, I know glamping when I see it.

What is glamping? Glamorous + camping = basically a dream. It’s everything I love about camping without the exhausting hard work! We stayed at Bear Lake with Conestoga Ranch in a tent that felt like a hotel room. There were beds for all my kids, a bathroom with a shower (HALLELUJAH!) & a heater. I could have stayed forever.


It was also so nice not to worry about food. They have a dining hall so instead of spending our time prepping & then cleaning up our meals, we had more time to explore the lake, run around the grounds, and be together as family. Which is ultimately what I want out of every family trip. I love my people & I love spending time with them without worrying about a long list of chores to be done.

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Lucky for all of us, Conestoga Ranch has just opened up reservations for 2017 (May 19-October 1) & they’re offering you guys a discount. Say what?! If you call & make a reservation before November 15th & mention this post, you’ll get 10% off. It’s worth it before the discount, so you guys are getting a screaming deal.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to convince Conestoga Ranch to set up shop in our longtime family campground. I’ve experienced glamping & I’m not sure I can go back to the regular kind. #firstworldproblems

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