Changing the Produce Game

October 30, 2018

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I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like my kids can get super picky about what goes in their lunch box.  As their mother, protector, and provider I want to ensure that they are eating REAL foods that are not only good, but also nutritious for their growing bodies.  

Each day they get to choose protein, veggies, and fruit for their lunch box but this can get tricky because we all know that there are certain members of the produce family that are going to brown once they are sliced.  (I’m looking at you apples & avocados) 

This is when the picky eaters come out full force on strike leaving us in a repetitive rut trying to find fresh fruit that will still be appealing to them once their lunch hour rolls around.  

My friends, NatureSeal is changing the name of the home produce packing game!  

I was recently introduced to this new product and though a skeptic at first, I am totally sold!  Here in the Reeves household – we tend to eat a lot of fresh produce!  Produce can get expensive and anytime we have to toss something out, like some sliced apples that went brown or the guacamole I just made but didn’t fully get eaten – I cringe at the wasted money and the wasted food.  

Maybe you, like me, have used lemons to help with the browning.  If I’m being honest… I have never been a fan of this method nor do I like having all my produce taste like lemon all the time.  I love that NatureSeal doesn’t alter the natural taste of the fruits or veggies it’s being used on.  This was a huge selling point for me.  

Applying NatureSeal to your fruits and veggies is beyond easy as well! 

In the example above,  I used a ziplock bag filled with water and added in the NatureSeal mix, then I placed my sliced apples inside.   I was able to easily cover the apples shaking the bag and once done I removed them and placed them in individual baggies in the fridge for the kids to grab for their lunch or snack!

In the last week, we have been able to use NatureSeal on our apples, avocados, carrots and pears!  Plus I have saved so much time as I have been able to meal prep more lunchbox items ahead of time by having the grab bags ready to go!  

You can find NatureSeal here on Amazon and more information about their products here on their website.  


This post was written as part of a paid partnership with NatureSeal, all opinions are my own. 




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I'm Ashley Reeves!

I'm a body positive mother, entrepreneur and speaker who has spent the last decade building better body love and empowering others to do the same.

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