Best Organization Tips for your Car

October 26, 2021

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If you’re anything like me, you spend your life in your car. Between school drop-offs, errands, drink runs, and the non-stop family stuff- it’s practically my second home! You know I love my home to be organized and purposeful and I love having that vibe in my car too. I keep a good stock in the car to support the needs of my family and to always be prepared! We’re talking snacks, first aid/emergency supplies, cleaning products, THE WORKS. With the storage space that vehicles allow, it’s important to get a compact organization system in place. These are the hacks that I’ve picked up over the years that have saved more times than I can count:


One of my FAV car organization hacks is one I learned from my friend @tarathueseon . I use a photo organizer (I highly recommend this one on Amazon here) to hold your easy-to-access materials. I store mine in my center console, and have a separate drawer for pens, essential oils, first aid, period supplies, makeup, and cleaning wipes. I keep both disinfectant wipes and these awesome glass cleaning wipes to keep my windows smudge-free. Having this little station in place minimizes the chaos and allows for seamless storage.


Hand sanitizer is a definite necessity to have on hand. My family loves the Megababe Squeaky Clean Sanitizer from Ulta. It smells good, it doesn’t dry out your skin, and it just happens to fit perfectly in a cup holder!


Some members of my family are very susceptible to car-sickness. And after years of having loose Walmart bags cluttered around the car, I learned you can purchase the same “puke bags” that they use in hospitals! They store flat, and are much more efficient in doing their job. They’re an awesome tool to have on hand. Find them here

I always keep blankets in the back of my car in case my kids get cold. I don’t like storing ones that take up a lot of space, so we use the Captain Silly Pants triple-layer bamboo blankets. They will keep you warm, but are not heavy or bulky. Plus, the designs are absolutely beautiful! You can use my code ASHLEY15 for a discount!

Speaking of living your best life in your car, I use this time to catch up on Marco Polos, audio books and work calls- but we gotta stay safe and keep our hands free! You all know I’m a die-hard Loopy case fan. My only complaint for a long time was that I couldn’t find a car mount that was compatible with their design. BUT I FINALLY FOUND ONE! This awesome Magnetic Car Mount works perfectly with them. The magnets are not harmful to your devices, and are easy to apply and remove as needed. Hands down one of my favorite Amazon finds. 

So no longer let that hold you back from treating yourself to a Loopy! Use my Loopy code ASHLEYROSE for 10% off of 1, or ASHLEYROSE15 for 15% off of 2. 


People with clean cars clean out their cars regularly! My last tip is to follow the “Quick Cleanout” rule. After each ride to and from the house, the kids help me gather any trash/food in the car and we place it in a disposable bag. These lavender-scented garbage bags are my favorite, because they smell good, and I can hook them onto a command strip for easy access and removal. 

If you make a habit of this, it’s a painless, 2-minute task to accomplish. 


Believe it or not, you can make your car a pleasant and functional place to spend time in. Pop on a fun playlist and enjoy your journey!


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I'm Ashley Reeves!

I'm a body positive mother, entrepreneur and speaker who has spent the last decade building better body love and empowering others to do the same.

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