Why Reading Is So Important to our Family

Jun 27

IMG_5848 Even though I’m now on my fourth and final baby, and many ideals I held strong to when I first started having babies have gone out the window (who needs patching pajamas anyways!?) one thing I haven’t let go is the importance of reading.


I grew up loving reading, and I went to school to major in Education and become an Elementary School Teacher. I loved learning about early literacy and have always valued its importance. Not only does it help kids cognitively even from a very young age, it also is just those quiet little moment with my babies tucked in my lap reading together that has always been so special to us.


When Bookroo approached me about their subscription plan I was so excited to have age appropriate books show up on my doorstep without me even having to think about it! They also have a Bookroo app for kids to track their reading progress too.

You can read more about their books and services by clicking HERE

This post is sponsored by Bookroo.


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