What a Waste!

Jul 15


“What a waste of a body!”

I’ve heard that at least a dozen times in my life. 

Usually prefaced with – “how tall are you?! do you play basketball?!” 

When I reply with No, that’s the usual response.  

What a waste.  

I used to believe it. 

As a 6 foot tall teenager who couldn’t make a sports team to save my life (I even heard a swim coach laugh at my attempts) I really didn’t understand WHY I was so big. 

Why I took up so much space.

Why I couldn’t get a date because I towered above the opposite sex from 2nd grade on.  

Fast forward and now I know.  

Yes I’m tall and big.

But I am strong.

I am noticeable, which I use to hate but now I see the blessing in being recognized and heard.  

I am a large presence in body & mind. 

I grow babies in a long torso and wrangled in 3 wild little boys at a time and could hold them safe close to me. 

I can lift furniture with my husband.

I can see well at concerts.

I can reach all my cabinets.  

Sure I can never be fully submerged in a bubble bath, I can’t lift my hands up in rooms with ceiling fans, and I have to do a deep squat in public restrooms to see my face in the mirror BUT I’ve found that taking up space is what I was meant to do.  

You are just the size you need to be for your purposes in life and I REALLY believe there is beauty in every size.  ♡♡♡

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