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Feb 4

It’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with Shine Cosmetics for the past several years! Why do I choose them over other make-up brands? They use high-quality formulas, which promote healthy skin, instead of compromising it. Their products are long-lasting, durable, and don’t require multiple applications or touch-ups in a day. In addition, the mission of the brand, to bring light and empowerment to the beauty industry, is one that aligns perfectly with my core beliefs. 


Although I love to get glammed up every once in a while, my make-up routine is typically very simple! I have three products that I use daily, and it only takes me two minutes from start to finish.


BB Cream 

The BB Cream foundation is lightweight, but easily buildable for more coverage. It protects your skin with SPF 15, while leaving a velvety, powdered finish. It is hands down the best foundation I’ve ever used. You can order a small color sample for $1.99, and save money by having your BB Cream delivered by subscription. I use the shade “Courage.”



I use the bronzer over my foundation to tone and contour my features. I love the shade “Fierce” because it is two-toned and gives the perfect amount of glow. 


Lip Gloss

I live for a good gloss! And I can’t emphasize enough how good the quality of Shine’s lipglosses are. The pigments are vibrant and deep, and it never feels sticky or drying to your lips. I’ve yet to find a color that I don’t immediately love, but “Goals” is my go-to shade. It’s a pink-nude tone that enhances the natural color of my lips. But it’s fun to switch up colors depending on my mood, my outfit, or the season. 


When I want to go from my everyday neutral face to a more full beat look, I love to add some color to my eyes with the “Be Humble” Palette. And depending on the time of year, I will apply the “Independent” shade of Blush Stick to warm up my cheekbones. 


My discount code ASHLEYROSE saves you an extra 10% on top of sales! 


Happy shopping, friends!



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