Mabel’s Bedroom Makeover

September 1, 2021

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“A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.”– Laurel Atherton


I’ll never forget the feelings of shock that came over me the moment we found out we were having a girl. I still look at Mabel everyday in awe that she is ours! It’s been so fun watching her grow and change over the past five years, and develop her own sense of self. I love seeing her step into her own individuality!


She recently expressed wanting to change the look of her bedroom, and because she is my daughter, and we love switching things up for fun around here, we obliged!  We’ve had the pink and black aesthetic going in there for the past couple years, and we both thought that it was time for an update, and what a fun project it would be to work on together. 

The biggest change needed to be the wallpaper to brighten up and recolor the room. We worked with to create this gorgeous print. They were sweet enough to call it “Mabel’s Meadow” and it is now available in their shop. Of the several peel and stick wallpaper companies I have used, Indigo Design Co is by far the highest quality material, and the only one that hasn’t damaged my walls. My discount code ASHLEY works on any of their products


I fell in love with this new Beddys color “Wild Thing” and designed the room around its neutral green tone. We added the Beddy’s throw pillows to tie in the wallpaper colors. We love the quality and ease of Beddy’s zip-up bedding—it’s all I have bought my kids for years, because the kids beds are so simple to make, and it keeps their rooms looking clean. We are lifelong customers. Code ASHLEYROSE saves you 20%.

We bought this bed frame from Walker Edison a few years ago and I haven’t been able to find it forever. I finally tracked it down at Home Depot HERE.

You know I swear by Boutique Rugs  for our home, and this new rug might be my favorite one yet! The material lays flat, doesn’t pucker, and is machine washable. And can we just take a second to appreciate the colors in this rug? Gorgeous. ROSE60 will always get you 60% off their site.


We’ve had the hammock chair for a while, and it has been the perfect little reading/snuggling spot for Mabel and her brothers.  


Although you can’t see it, we also upgraded to a new mattress! Lucid Mattresses (@lucid.mattress) is a unique company on the current market because they allow you to customize your mattress preferences. They don’t believe in the “one size suits all” level of comfort. You can alter your mattress based on sleep temperature, your preferred sleep position, latex vs memory foam, and even your budget. 


There’s nothing like seeing pure joy on your child’s face, and that’s exactly what happened when Mabel skipped into her new bedroom. Hoping for many sweet dreams and memories in this new space.



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I'm Ashley Reeves!

I'm a body positive mother, entrepreneur and speaker who has spent the last decade building better body love and empowering others to do the same.

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