How to Make Zoodles (Zucchinni Noodles)

Jul 2

Zoodles are SO easy! And are such an easy swap out for pasta. Once you get your sauces and protein on top of those zoodles, they legitimately taste just as good with ZERO guilt, because its veggies! All you need is zucchini & a spiralizer! There are a few on the market, I am a big fan of THIS handheld one I got on Amazon because it is super quick and easy and doesn’t have a ton of pieces to clean!



All washed and ready to go!



Using our Vegetti (not sure who named it – but it works!)


After zoodles are spiralized, I will sprinkle them with salt and let them “sweat off” the moisture naturally in the vegetables. This way it can cook crispier and not so mushy.


When you do cook the zoodles, no oil is needed. I season with a little garlic salt and sautee for a few minutes. Don’t let it get too mushy!


Top with your favorite sauce and enjoy!

 You can head to my Page for link to the recipe above Zoodles and Mozzarella Meatballs 

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