Best Lasik Center in Utah: Waite Vision

January 12, 2023

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As a person with severe health anxiety, the thought of getting vision correction was not even on my radar. I’d lived 20 years wearing glasses and contacts, and I had no idea what I was missing out on!


I kept hearing from my friends that they got Lasik done at Waite Vision, located in Lehi, and how incredibly easy it was for them. They couldn’t praise their experiences enough. I finally bit the bullet and booked a consultation.


At the initial consult appointment, the highly trained techs ran a series of tests on my eyes, checking corneal shape/thickness, prescription, and pressure. Then I sat down with Dr. Waite to determine the best course of action!


They perform a few different vision-correction procedures at their office, including Lasik, PRK, EVO ICL, Corneal cross-linking, Cataract Surgery, and more. My eyes were the best candidate for Lasik, and I was able to schedule my appointment for the following week! After Dr. Waite explained each step of the procedure, and that the actual laser portion takes less than 10 seconds, I knew that even I could handle it!


We were given permission to film the entire procedure, and you can watch that HERE!

To sum up my Lasik experience at Waite Vision, I will say this: It was a hundred times easier than I ever expected. It was quick, painless, and my vision was nearly perfect just minutes after. Dr. Waite and his team treat you like family and go above and beyond in making you feel comfortable (unlike being part of an assembly line that you may experience at other offices). Just because it’s a quick, routine procedure, doesn’t mean it can’t be personable! Even if you have been told that you aren’t a candidate for vision-correction in the past, get a second opinion! At Waite Vision they use top of the line equipment and technology that has helped several individuals who said they didn’t qualify. 


Since having my Lasik done 2 years ago, I’ve encouraged several people, including my husband, to see Dr. Waite! My sister-in-law had PRK done a couple months ago, and you can watch the procedure HERE and her recovery detailed HERE


We also filmed and Q&A to address several common concerns about vision-correction surgeries. I highly recommend watching if you are on the fence about it! Q&A WITH DR. WAITE


XO Ashley

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I'm Ashley Reeves!

I'm a body positive mother, entrepreneur and speaker who has spent the last decade building better body love and empowering others to do the same.

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