Basement Makeover

June 24, 2021

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Over the past several months we have been slowly revamping our interior. We were needing some change, and wanted to create a more peaceful environment in our home. Our basement flex room is mainly used by our children and their friends to hang out, watch movies, play games, etc. It had become a hodge-podge of rugs/furniture/decor that we no longer desired upstairs. Since our kids were spending more and more time in there, we decided to give it a facelift to match the new vibe we’ve established. 



Our couch is a few years old from RC Willey (@rcwilley) and has been the perfect couch for the wear and tear of kids. It still looks good as new! We are obsessed with these wicker storage baskets from Target. They add a rustic warmth to our neutral-toned aesthetic. 

The three art pieces on the wall are from BFF Printshop (@bffprintshop) and printed/framed by Canvas n Decor (@canvasndecor).



The wallpaper in the nook is the most visual addition. It’s from my absolute favorite removable wallpaper company—Indigo Design Co. (

It has a thick, linen texture, and is by far the highest quality that I’ve tried. They were even able to customize the colors in this print to match the artwork in the room. My code ASHLEY saves you 20% when you order!

This view though! The benches/baskets under the windows are from Shabundy’s (@shabundystaylorsville)—they were seriously a dream find! I always get questions about the horse print, it is one of my most-loved pieces in our home! It’s from Sincerely Us Shop (@sincerelyusshop) and reminds me of my three wild sons.

The air hockey table we bought used from Facebook marketplace a couple years ago, and it has been the center of endless hours of friendly competition.

Here’s a better look at the rug in this space. I broke my “no shag texture” rule on this one, but I love the depth it adds to the area. Both new rugs are from Boutique Rugs (my fave) and you can always use code ROSE60 for 60% off your purchase!


I love how these two rugs compliment each other without being overly matchy. They should be like eyebrows—sisters, not twins! The colors in this Ganyangan rug are drool-worthy. 

An essential piece for us has been this toy organizer from Amazon. I appreciate a neutral, minimalistic approach to toy storage.


My kids have been enjoying learning new skills and hobbies this summer, and this dart board has been a hit! It’s a super fun addition for your hang-out space.

Our basement is proof that you don’t always need a huge overhaul to improve a space. Sometimes simply mixing up the decor and adding some new colors is enough. Sending calming vibes from our home to yours!



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I'm Ashley Reeves!

I'm a body positive mother, entrepreneur and speaker who has spent the last decade building better body love and empowering others to do the same.

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