A Weekend Away with Zermatt Resort

Mar 31

If the gelato isn’t tempting enough, let me tell you a few reasons why we chose to take a vacation weekend in Midway, Utah at the Zermatt Resort!

Luckily for us, Midway is just about an hour from home. But even if you don’t live that close- this Resort is worth the trip.

The Zermatt Resort is a peaceful property in the mountains. Its gorgeous, calm and peaceful. It has the special cozy vibes so you can really focus on the people you are traveling with and not be distracted.

We went to go check out their Spring Break package. We got to stay in their 2 bedroom suite, which had plenty of room for our family of 6. We got free gelato from their Bakery each day which we all loved (Nutella was my favorite!), and we got to take the kids to a movie night with a bunch of other kids. The boys had so much fun watching a movie and snacking on popcorn.

Here are our top 5 activities with kids in Heber/Midway

  1. The Carousel at the Zermatt is free so the kids loved taking a few laps there!
  2. We also loved touring the resort, the kids got to see lots of little animals running around and they LOVED the pool. Its half indoor, half outdoor and the kids spent a lot of time swimming,
  3. We took the kids on the Heber Valley Railroad Train trip for a 2 hour trip through Heber Valley. The kids loved cuddling up on the train!
  4. We wish we would have made reservations for swimming, so next time we know we need to! But this weekend we still were able to walk down to the Crater and take a peak inside. Its mysterious and gorgeous!
  5. Last but not least – the gelato! That was my kids highlight each day, walking down to the bakery to pick a new flavor.


We loved our time at the Zermatt Resort, we would encourage anyone to go check it out especially during their Spring Break specials!



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