5 Ways to Save Your Sanity this Summer

June 12, 2017

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Schools out for the Summer! NOW WHAT?!

Kids home, all day every day. If you’re like me you are probably staring at each other wondering WHAT DO WE DO ALL DAY.
Breaking up fights, cleaning up SO many messes and just watching the clock for bedtime (which never comes because the sun is up until midnight I swear!haha!)

It only takes a couple days of the ‘go with the flow’ summer to get old, fast.

So I am sharing a few Summer Survival Tips for You!

  1. Get a Chore Chart Going – For our kids, this has been SO helpful. Each morning they have chores the are expected to do, and in out house we just say no friends in  the mornings. Its our work time, family time, and quiet time. I find if we have friends knocking on the door before lunch- nothing gets done, the chaos starts and never seems to settle.
  2. Make Healthy Food Rules- I think kids get wiped during the Summer, so much play & heat. I started rewarding my kids for having full meals, and drinking water- this tends to help them behave better and have more energy for the day.
  3. Make Reading Goals- We are offering double allowance for our kids for finishing chapter books, we let them pick the books too since they aren’t school assigned. Its a fun way for them to read for fun, and keeps their little minds active as well and we can prevent the summer slide of knowledge from the previous school year.
  4. Start your activities early in the day- As soon as chores are done we head out for our outside time. Its SO much easier to have fun outside in the morning before the heat kicks in, I love spending afternoons at home inside during nap time for the baby.
  5. While at home, find fun activities to help your kids imaginations – we really love ShapeMags, the kids love the shapes and all the different things they can build. I love that they can all play together and they aren’t stuck in front of a screen. ShapeMags have been such a fun toy at our house because everyone can use them. From our baby to our 9 year old, and honestly even my husband and I – we LOVE playing and building. The possibilities of these magnet toys are endless. You can use code shapemags15 for 15% off HERE.
  6. Night time walks- We love taking the kids out on summer walks in the evenings. Its a great way to settle down after dinner and get the energy out of the kids to wear them down for bedtime,
  7. Last but not least, just soak up the time you have! Its crazy how quick these summers go- and we only have 18 summers with our kids, isnt that crazy!? Love them so much!

This post was sponsored by ShapeMags.


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I'm Ashley Reeves!

I'm a body positive mother, entrepreneur and speaker who has spent the last decade building better body love and empowering others to do the same.

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